Part 2 of 2: Freaky-Deaky

Neither the costumes nor the mufti in this episode are that brilliant…but I’m contractually obliged to talk about them, so here goes: Kurt Hummel, nautical but nice. I don’t know what business he has in Lima, Tim Gunn can probably smell a knitwear that strong from his throne.


This isn’t really nautical, but I still feel an overwhelming urge to call Kurt ‘the Captain’…or J.R.


Some backstory I failed to mention is the fact that Will decided to put on Rocky Horror because Emma now loves it after Carl took her to see it. Yes, Mr Schue, it makes complete sense to try and associate yourself with something your lady’s boyfriend took her to see.

Cunning plans aside, Emma looks practically Elizabethan with that ruff collar. Historic chic! The pattern on her cardigan and matching boutonnière brooch are tip-top, too.


The Devil is in the details, as they say. Save yourself from being dragged down to Fashion Hell with some bright buttons, ladies and gents!


The script is all, “oooh, John Stamos,” but I’m all, “oooh, Ms Pillsbury.” How could Doctor Gates fail to be lured by her excellent use of buttercup yellow splashes? She even makes grey look good!


Jayma Mays apparently auditioned with “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me,” and the episode’s theme suggests it’s time for another excellent rendition!

Seriously, though. Shes all super librarian sexy in a shade I can only describe as broccoli stem. Are these pieces made to go together, or does Emma stay up all night dying the clothes she plans to wear to work the next day? I can’t even pair pyjamas like this!


Not much to see here, but I approve of the obsession with bows.


I may have mentioned that shrinking violet/sexual deviant Janet is perfect for Rachel, and she is: a dress with facings makes the most of her small/sexy figure, and her hair is on point.


There’s just a bit more life to Rachel this episode, to be honest, even though there’s less of a focus on her. She works some great shades and textures, like this striped cardigan.



I’m usually not a fan of couple outfits, but these different prints and gently clashing slate grey and blue melt my heart — also, height difference. I have a thing for height differences.


All’s well that ends well, and even though Rocky Horror is cancelled, Rachel is still a star in cozy-looking berry-coloured knitwear and ruffles.

I’m impressed. Also, astonished.