Part 1 of 2: Oh, the Horror!

So, here’s what you missed on Glee: in possibly the most inappropriate school production of all time, the New Directions take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Along the way, Finn confronts his body issues, Will does his best to get between Emma and John Stamos, and Mercedes Jared Letos it up as Frank N. Furter. A woman dressed as a man dressed as a woman? Gadzooks!


As you might expect, some of the outfits this episode are utterly heinous, and I’m speaking not just of the costumes Mercedes opens the first act with torn and cuffed jeans (double doo-doo in my book) and an utter refusal to wear clothes that hint at her having a waist under there.


When it gets down to it, I dislike Mercedes’ style because she doesn’t make the most of what she has. Instead, she wears layers and layers which obscure her shape and nixes the pure presence of Amber Riley with the clunky accessories and bright colours of a preschooler.



Maybe that’s why I get annoyed with Tina too? Although I do kind of like that collar made of lacy boogers below…but then, I’ve always thought my nana had great taste.


I’m pretty sure this is what the girls on Reign are supposed to be wearing. Medieval chemise with ties? Check. Dress over the top? Check. Flowing locks? Check. Lola? Kenna? Greer?


Never in any beauty section have I read “we strongly suggest matching your hat to your eyeshadow, the dyed streaks in your hair, and your general downcast demanour,” but apparently I don’t read the same magazines as Tina.

Also, Tina is just such a Pouty Polly. Stop that.


Oh my God, it’s Brittany S. Pierce! And Santana…and Quinn…and Tina…and to be frank (N. Furter), they all look hideous.


And while Rachel may be a natural Janet in her cream cardi and barrette, the rest of the New Directions don’t look sexy or punk rock, as in the original show — even if Mercedes’ spangled hat matches the rest of her spangles. This entire plot line still feels contrived and icky, as do these costumes. Where’s Ezra Miller in a bustier when you need him?


Maybe Chord Overstreet’s abs make up for the rest of the cast looking like Oompa-Loompas on acid? Maybe we can discuss how having this kid cavort in his skivvies is just plain creepy?


Speaking of creepy, Kurt as Riff Raff is not only weird, but also highly unlikely. What young man hasn’t dreamed of donning Tim Curry’s fishnet stockings?

Again, the plot falls down a hole just so everyone can have a part. Ack, take two.


That said, Mercedes’ costume is spot on (if, once again, wildly inappropriate). Although she has to be in character as a transvestite to show the world what she’s got, she does look hot. The pearls add a touch of the Wilma Flinstone, don’t you think?


Please don’t do the Time Warp again.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of a hyper-sexualised musical and its costumes being tried on for size by a group of teenagers. I feel the need to question their judgement, and their teacher’s judgement, and the network’s judgement.