I’m going on record as saying this is one of the best episodes Mad Men has ever done, and there’s a lot going on, so buckle up, kids. Bob Benson is back, (and I’m sure that you have to say his first and last names together, always) and he throws it all on the line for his gal-pal Joanie. Pete brings his glamorous girlfriend Bonnie to New York, but after a series of disappointments, she hightails it back to LA, sans Pete. Megan’s in town, too, and Don seems to be redeeming himself by playing the doting husband. Peggy rocks it with a killer pitch, and a very sweet moment between Peggy and Don ensues during an eleventh hour creative session. GOD, I love this show.


Joan is off to work and is dressed to kill in her fave purple shift. Girl knows her color. 

And how huge is Kevin? Seriously, when did this happen?


Turns out Joan is turning it on for her bestie, who’s back in town. Hi, Bob Benson!

Derp look and hideous tie aside, Bob Benson is sweet, and I don’t think I’ve seen Joan this happy in a while.


But Bob Benson may be just a little too sweet, because he unquestioningly bails out his client in the middle of the night, after he gets thrown in the clink for trying to fellate an undercover officer. Talk about customer service!

Sidenote: is this a precusor to the iconic Members Only jackets of the 80s? And a beige Members Only jacket, no less? Shudder.


But Bob doesn’t even quiver when he arrives at Joans pad with a handful of flowers for mom, and an erector set for Kevin.

Bob Benson, you’re so adorable imma overlook that ridiculous blazer. You think he called in advance to see what Joan’s mom and Kevin were wearing? You can tell the seventies are coming with all the yellow and brown going on in this scene. Everyone just blends into the background…


Until Joan swishes in, like a breath of minty fresh air in her aqua shirtdress.

Casual Joan is stunning. I absolutely love when she lets her hair down (literally and figuratively). She knows what shape suits that hourglass figure, too. Snaps from me to Miss Harris.


Then the WTF-ery commences when Bob Benson proposes to Joan. I mean, he needs a good beard to take with him to his new job over at Chevy, right? And Joan’s not doing anything but turning almost-forty in a two bedroom apartment she shares with her son and mother. Think of the fabulous life she could have in Detroit for at least 10 years, before the oil embargo hits and the US car manufacturing industry goes into the toilet!

Yeah, Joan has the identical look on her face that I did when I saw this craziness. She tries to let him down easy, but kicks him to the curb for assuming that no one will want her now that she’s an almost 40, single mother. You go girl!


So during all that, Bob spilled the beans that Chevy are giving SC&P the old heave-ho, and plan to hire him to work on the client side. Ergo, Joanie isn’t surprised when Jim calls the partners together to break the news. Oh and Harry Crane is being made a partner, too. Harry Crane.

Joan does manage to pop against a sea of blah during this pow-wow. Yeah, Joan, you tell Roger what’s up in that red shift. The gold details are perfection, especially that gold chain at her waist. A total power win for Joan. I think the intervention worked, you guys.


The other fabulous ladyfriend on the scene this week is Pete’s stunning girlfriend, Miss Bonnie Whiteside, here on the East Coast for a little vacay.

I wish we could catch a real glimpse of this floral wrap dress, because I’m sure that it’s dreamy. How does Pete land so many amazing women? He’s such a sleaze…


But he does want to show her off around the office, and who could blame him?

The eponymous California girl: blonde hair, bronzed skin, a perfect coral manicure, and an up-to-there chiffon minidress in the prefect shade of turquoise. 


Too bad Pete leaves her alone in the hotel when he goes to visit the family.

Also, when did Tammy grow up? I swear, the kids on this show. Anyway, Pete looks ridiculous in that blazer. You guys, casual 1969 menswear is whack.


When Pete and Tammy get home from their day of fun, Trudy is no where to be seen, so Pete stays in the suburbs to harass her in the most hypocritical way possible. Meanwhile, Bonnie waits in perfection.

Gorgeous black and sequined halter dress, and the detailing at the neck is to die for. I would wear this dress now if I had the pins to pull it off.


Trudy comes home from her presumed date, but is a bit of a hot mess in this tutu thing. Is the wardrobe department trying to do a direct comparison between Trudy and Bonnie with the turquoise chiffon dresses? And Joan in hers?

If so, Bonnie wins, hands down. But mad props go to Trudy for telling Pete how it is — namely that he’s dating, so why shouldn’t she, and reminding him that he’s no longer a part of her family. Burn.


And Bonnie comes back after a day of shopping the mean, and dirty, streets of Manhattan wearing this monochromatic daisy tank dress with contrasting red accessories. Forget Bonnie v. Trudy and Joan…Bonnie wins the whole damn show.

And she finally gives Pete the business for standing her up for the entirety of her vacation. That’s what happens when you date a still married man, girlfriend. Seems Pete’s finally getting what he deserves, no?


While all of that business is happening, Peggy keeps her nose to the grindstone by doing some market research with this guy, whose name I can’t be bothered to learn/remember. 

It’s a bit dark, but I would have to say Peggy’s wearing another nondescript shirtdress. I’d like to be optimistic, but, well, we’ve all seen the show.


And Don’s cleaning house, which we later learn is to receive Megan back from La-la-land.

Don’t put down the work to decorate, Don! Seems like Don’s turning over a new leaf to prove himself to his gorgeous wife, and his colleagues. I’m sensing a change in the wind for our leading man, if not a change in wardrobe. Always with the black tie/pants/white shirt combo.


Anyway, once at work, Peggy turns it on in this quilted baby blue number. Is it appropriate for getting your collegues on board with your ideas? I’m not sure, but it is a nice color on her.

OH! And look at Stan. Still clinging to those love beads, and my favorite cuff. Fabulous. At least Peggy makes a great pitch, and everyone likes it, and…then they want Mr. Draper to pitch it to the clients. Ouch.


So Peggy slinks out of the meeting where she spots Mrs. Draper, Doting Housewife. Suddenly, Miss Olson is all aflutter with excitement.

Maybe Peggy should take some style advice from her long lost friend? I’m adverse to the extensions, but down with everything else. I think this is the longest hemline we’ve seen on her all season. Is there anything this girl can’t wear?


Answer: No.

This floral babydoll is giving me flashes of her bikini from Hawaii last season. And Don’s back to dreamy. I’m liking this new Don.


Peggy, on the other hand…

I think it’s unanimous around the YKYLF staff room: Peggy’s casual wear needs an overhaul. An olive green waistcoat with matching trousers and a plaid turtleneck tee? No, Peggy. NO. BAD.


Also a big no to Stan going into work on a Saturday. I do like his unbuttoned shirt and paint splattered jeans, though. I’ve said it before: Stan is a stud.

Also: Banana symbolism? I can’t believe Matthew Weiner would put that in a scene without some sort of Freudian motive.


Also, no to Don going into the office, although I’m giving thumbs up on his preppy-adjacent casualwear. Don is definitely bringing things back around.

I like this red and white peasant blouse on Megan, also. She seems to be able to dabble in hippie culture fashion without going full on commune like Meadow, or Feather, or whatever Roger’s daughter is calling herself these days. You’re a chameleon, Mrs. Draper.


Though I have strongly mixed feelings about this outfit. It’s cute, I guess? But it seems more suited to Sally, maybe? I am mildly jealous of her ability to wear midriff baring tops, though.

Also, I’m fully on board with Don wearing a towel. I may need a cold shower.


Eventually Don gets dressed (boo…) and caves as he spends his Sunday at the office to coach Peggy through her latest work struggles. Looks like Don’s back to being Peggy’s mentor — yay, shades of season 4!

I also love Peggy’s red and pink combo here. But not as much as when Don asks her to dance to “My Way” in the office and gives her a kiss on the head. Aww. All is forgiven.


As they slow dance, Bonnie and Megan take (and look!) first class back to LA.

I’m not crazy about the color on Bonnie, but her accessories rock my world, especially that gold chain necklace. And Megan is totally a socialite on her way to the spa, no? I especially want her pendant.


And after some old time bonding, Peggy and Don pitch their new idea to Pete at their local Burger Chef.

Peggy looks confident in this mustard shift (her power color!), and Don encourages her to do things her way. 

One episode left! I’m already getting the sads over this season ending, but I have a good feeling about Don. He’s sobering up, he’s content in his role as a mentor, he’s not cheating on his wife…who IS this guy?