Part 1 of 2: Half a Cutesy Couple

So, here’s what you missed on Glee: heeerrreee’s Trouty! Sam Evans is Jonesing after Quinn, and Kurt is after Sam, but ends up performing a glorious duet with himself as Julie Andrews. Finn and Rachel sing a song, then throw a song, and basically, it’s American Idol to see who wins dinner for two at Breadstix. Nothing too hard-hitting this episode, but a heck of a lot of fashion.


Why so serious?


Surely it can’t be your outfit choices this week, Miss Berry. Awesome A-line skirt (which goes so well with your sweater, by the way, snaps for you) is awesome. Did Mindy Lahiri lend it to you?


And this? Why, this could be from Blair Waldorf’s closet! I love bowties in any shape or form, especially on ladies, though it does seem we’re still being haunted by the dread hue carmine.


Rachel has a tendency to wear yellow cardigans, and I wonder if the colour is symbolic of something bad about to happen, as it was in Jaws.

Something bad like, say, a heartfelt solo. Gorgeous pansy print and knife pleats on the dress.


I’m thinking we need to introduce Rachel to purses. When she’s wearing such a lovely medley of blues, you know there’s a purple Kate Spade out there which would set this outfit off to a tee. Failing that, trench coats. I could see her in trench coats.


Has there even been a more perfect pairing than black and white against a glowing tan? A heart print twice in one episode is a little too whimsical for me, but it works.


…I take back what I just said about black and white. I was partly raised by nuns, who were petite, Irish, and drank a lot of sherry but did not wear doily shirts and some cape-like article that belongs over a birdcage, not a teenager.


There’s no explaining this outfit. Blah, Rachel looks hot because she’s just hot, but a shiny sailor suit can be purchased from one place and one place alone, and it’s not somewhere under eighteens are allowed to shop, and I don’t think the wardrobe department took that into account.



Tina surprises me a couple of times this episode, but below is not one of those times.


This, though? Someone get the girl a harp and a Florence and the Machine songsheet! This dress is both Victoriana and seventies chic, as well as leather and lace at its finest. You have to love how over the top it is, the way it was clearly intended for Catherine Earnshaw, not Tina Cohen-Chang.

Crank up the Kate Bush.


Cathy lives on in black flounces and fingerless gloves, but I can’t get excited about yet more black, or pretty much the entire sub-culture that Tina belongs to.


Horrible. This t-shirt ends too far below the waist, when it could have been neatly tucked into the skirt and accented with that leather belt from earlier.

Take a leaf out of Rachel’s book, Tina: neglect your waist, regret in haste.


Ignoring the laces, this shirt/corset/thing is a pretty shade of yellow, and I’m really loving the way Tina’s doing her hair these days. Curls and volume at the crown are the way to go.


Cuuuuurls…also, the seventies vibe is back.


Cuuuuuuuuuurls…not to mention sheer panels, expertly applied eyeliner and a general hint of je ne sais quoi which is so absent from anyone who’s not Kurt these days.

Someone get that girl a peasant to swish her hair at!