This week on GAME OF THRONES, HAMPS STYLE: So much death. So. Much. Death. Things kick off with Victoria killing Aidan with her bare hands. Like, I don’t think Emily’s ever gotten her hands that dirty. Then, Margaux’s brother Gideon takes Daniel out for drinks, which winds up with Dan in bed with a dead hooker. And THEN Charlotte has a PTSD flashback and realizes that Jack helped kidnap her, so now he’s off to the police station. But all of that pales in comparison to the next two things: 1) David Clarke — WHO IS TOTALLY NOT DEAD — totally murders Conrad. Repeat: DAVID CLARKE IS TOTALLY NOT DEAD and is apparently now on the show in the manner of Ali on PLL. And THEN 2) Queen V wakes up in the asylum — having been checked in by Emily for her “delusions” that Emily is Amanda Clarke. 


Emily’s Target
Emily has like ten seconds to celebrate the victory of her father’s conviction being overturned before Aidan’s dead, and she turns all of her rage toward Victoria. Now technically, Conrad’s the one who shoved Pascal into the helicopter, but I guess I can see why V blames Ems for it.

Gala of the Week
N/A. Too much drama to have room for black tie events. 

Best Dressed
Emily’s black leather jacket with ruffle was cute (in that ninja sort of way) but I think I liked Queen V’s graveyard coat the best. Stealth, in the manner of Carmen Santiago.

Most Soapy Moment:
Are you kidding me? How can I pick just one? I will declare a tie between David Clarke’s back-from-the-dead murder of Conrad and Queen V’s American Horror Story style freakout in the asylum…followed by Emily’s badass strut down the hall. 


Check back on Wednesday for Anthony’s take on this, possibly most dramatic episode of Revenge to date. REVENGE(!!!)