What Mindy Wore In Her Own Romantic Comedy

I didn’t have to check the credits to know this episode was written by La Kaling herself. We were brought back full-circle to the pilot (also written by Kaling) as a reminder of the show’s roots in the rom com genre. Seriously, this thing was so crammed full of rom com tributes it’s amazing they managed to include a plot in there, too. (No, really — here’s a list of all of the homages they pulled off). So long story short — Danny wants Mindy back, so he Catfish/You’ve-Got-Mails her because that always works blah blah running to the Empire State Building and MinDanny 4Ever! Along the way, she had maybe her record number of cute outfits in a single episode.


Things start out in high style with this first of four (!) vibrant pink colours. I think we’ve found Mindy’s power colour.

While the stud-on-stud look is a little bit Grown Up Aria, I’ll let it pass largely because of the faboosh earring action. I like to imagine she keeps her rainbow of danglies arranged in ROYGBIV order.


We next catch up with Minds serving up her version of leather and lace. Fairly standard moto jacket and what looks like a funky take on black lace:

I think? Sorry, distracted by yet another pair of colourful earrings.

We don’t get a quality shot of her lacey top, but from what I can tell, this amount of sheer black lace wouldn’t be out of place on Reign. Frankly, neither would the leather jacket.

Note: this is just her first leather jacket of the episode. Stay tuned.


Girl’s never met a print she didn’t immediately adopt, so the next stop on our sartorial journey is this green leopard print blouse and teal cardi action.

I’m not a superfan of this silhouette on her (cardigans are tricky to style without looking schoolmarm-y) but the use of print combined with gorge matching earrings swings this into my good books.

She literally has a pair in every Pantone color, right?

<3 you gurl!


This striped top and jumper look is like a more successful version of last week’s “Kindergarten teacher” look. Meet the world’s cutest Catfish victim!

Seriously. So. Cute.


As she begins to fall for “Andy,” she strolls around in this vibrant yellow DKNY trench/ floral bodycon combo:

This says nothing more than “I’m in love in New York and have impeccable taste.”

Seriously you guys, take a peek at the aforementioned Dolce & Gabbana dress:

Mindy’s got a way of dressing in a whimsical-yet-mature way, no? Like, this print is trendy and fun, while the cut of the dress is grown-up and tasteful. Take note, Victoria Grayson. 


True story: this week, I complimented a coworker for her masterful use of pattern matching by telling her she was being “very Mindy Project.” And case in point: Mindy’s even serving up complementary patterns in her sleepwear, somehow flawlessly matching polka dots with plaid. 

A+ gurl. 


But then… **RECORD SCRATCH** … this happened.

At first, this looks pretty great, right? Her hair is in a uber-flattering Kate Middleton-inspired half-updo, she’s thrown on her second leather jacket of the episode, statement Erickson Beamon necklace, some sparkley action below the waist… all good, right?


AND YET. That’s a baseball tee she’s wearing with the skirt and jacket. And once you know that, the whole thing pretty much falls apart.

Plus: what’s this show’s obsession with Mindy’s hair constantly coming out? First she loses a chunk in that season 1 prison fight, then she chopped it off in last year’s finale, and now Danny’s cutting out a huge piece due to a gum incident. She’s clearly ingesting a lot of those horse vitamins for super-fast hair growth.


This look had so much potential! She’s showing off that ass that don’t stop in this spangled pencil skirt PLUS those ankle booties are the perfect shoe for both the jacket and the skirt:

Still, this is a rare miss for our gal. The number of amaze outfits still to come prove this is just the sort of aberration that happens to an otherwise flaw-free stylist.


Because this episode’s tally of classic outfits it about to double — it’s LOVE MONTAGE TIME!! We only got quick peeks at these looks…agony because each and every one of them is adorable, but I did what I could, screencapwise.

First up: green London Fog trench/possible patterned black bodycon?

Ugh, this woman and her coat collection. Kills me every time.


Then she works this color-blocked blazer that somehow combines superferosh Dynasty shoulder pads and motocross style. And I’m pretty sure this pencil skirt is blue and black plaid.


Then it’s time for the third hot pink outfit of the week begging the question: did she buy these rainbow-hued London Fog trenchcoats in bulk or what?


This b&w outfit contains the only pants (by French Connection) we see her wear all episode, other than those PJs above. Somehow, this woman makes matching silk pajama-like separates look like high fashion. Must be the addition of her third (!) leather jacket of the week.

The pop of color with the teeny handbag is the perfect finishing touch. #ADORBS.


This look is my personal fave, though she wears it for like 0.5 seconds (hence the blurry, random screencap). This red plaid dress is yet another example of her combining a youthful flair with more adult appropriateness — though the hemline’s a wee bit short for office wear. Perf for strolling about the city with her best guy friend/forever true love, though.

And is that red jacket… also leather? Does this girl seriously own four leather jackets? SO MANY JACKETS.



Whew. That montage was exhausting. Things wrap up with what can only be described as Mindy’s take on Annie Hall:

Also: hot pink outfit #3 of the week.

Let’s dissect this one a bit more, shall we? We’ve got a pink and black polka-dot top, red plaid necktie, pink trends (from the same bulk purchase as many of the others above)… 


…and then below the waist, we see she completes the outfit with matching tweed vest and pencil skirt. Oh, and a hot pink Chanel bag because obvi.

Though I fully understand if you’re distracted by things other than her outfit in this pic.


Yes, after a few weeks of random rom com nonsense, Mindy and Danny finally get to the point we’ve been wanting them to, i.e. NOM:

Grab dat ass, Danny.


That image is going to have to tide us all through to next fall, though, as this Nora Ephron-flavored delicacy was our season finale! But the way things went, I understand if the show’s wardrobe department will need at least a few months to replenish Mindy’s closet. Like, I’m pretty sure she modelled at least 50% of her closet in this week’s installment. See you in the fall, guys!!