SCDP joins the wave of the future by installing a computer in the old Creative Lounge. Remember when it was a huge deal for the office to get a Xerox machine? Don is assigned to a new account with Peggy as his boss, and he responds to that and other work-related slights by being a grownup and getting wasted in the middle of the day. Freddy Rumsen rescues him and sets him straight. Meanwhile, Margaret’s joined a commune/cult in upstate New York and has changed her name to Marigold. Roger and Mona set out to bring her home, but the trip ends with him in the mud and Margaretgold yelling some harsh truths about being abandoned.


Let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite swingin’ copy editor, Peggy Olsen. I feel like this girl deserves a “Most Improved Wardrobe” award. Has there ever been a character who has made such a dramatic sartorial turnaround without the help of a clothing montage?

Please ignore her day drinking and focus on her absolutely adorable scooter dress. I don’t think we have ever seen this much decolletage on Ms. Olsen, but this whole look is fantastic on her.


I’m less a fan of Peggy’s last outfit of the night, but it’s definitely eye-catching.

It’s not the most flattering look ever, but it’s definitely more fashion-forward than some of the plaids we’ve seen her in. And peep those earrings! They are most definitely groovy.


Speaking of groovy, check out Stan’s love beads.

Hippie Stan will never stop amusing me. He’s like the anti-Harry Crane. Harry always seems to be dressing in the latest styles as a nerd’s desperate attempt to fit in; Stan’s picking up the counterculture to prove to himself he’s not a sellout.


Meredith — yes, Meredith — warrants a mention this week.

First of all, props for the Blair Waldorf-esque headband. Meredith may be too stupid to be a minion, but I bet Blair would have at least let her sit way at the bottom of the Met steps as a reward for her blind loyalty. But even looking past the headband – holy hemlines! With the daisy pin and matching daisy earrings offering a dash of yellow, the duochromatic look is fabulous.




We didn’t see much Joan this week, but when we did she was in either a very pink dress or this gorgeous green number:

Love this color and silhouette on Christina Hendricks. And those gloves look so soft I want to build a nest out of them.


Speaking of brief appearances by fabulous women…Bonnie Whiteside, everyone!

Doing California cool as usual in a flower-print dress with a cropped fringe poncho, big hair and bigger earrings. This woman is way too interesting for Pete. On Twitter I requested a Stan/Ginsberg spinoff, but I would also like a Bonnie Whiteside spinoff. If she could be a secret agent of some sort, that would be even better.


It is so rare that we get to see Mona, but whenever we do, she just knocks it out of the park. Not only did she deliver the best line of the episode (“These people are lost, and on drugs, and have venereal diseases”), but she was consistently elegant no matter how distressing the circumstances. Take, for instance, her trip to SCDP to tell Roger that Margaret had run away:

Roger screwed up, you guys. Mona aged more gracefully than pretty much anyone ever — and yes, that includes Joan. I love Joan, but once things start sagging, she’s going to get some bad plastic surgery in the 80s and end up looking like Rob Lowe in “Behind the Candelabra.” But Mona will continue to age gracefully. Maybe she’ll get her eyes done, but that’s it. She’s even updated her hair. Betty is the last woman on this show to have the helmet hair; even Mona’s adopted a softer flip.


So, let’s say your daughter has abandoned her family to join a hippie commune upstate. What would you wear on a trip to go fetch her? If you’re Mona Sterling, the answer is: a 3/4 sleeve fur coat.

I look at this outfit and think of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock wearing a tux, saying “It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?” Of course Mona would wear a beige fur coat. To suggest otherwise would be absurd.


One of the greatest tragedies of Mad Men ending is that we won’t get to see John Slattery in three-piece suits regularly.

I mean, the pinstripes are just a lighter blue, and both the dusky blue and the pinstripes are incredibly flattering shades for him. GOR-JUSS. Shame it ends up in the mud.


Jon Hamm gets all the attention for being a stud, but I have to say, JS is a pretty fine silver fox. Especially when he rolls up his sleeves and lets a joint dangle casually from his mouth while he peels potatoes.

The rest of the hippies are wearing Free People’s finest. If you edit out the men, I’m pretty sure this is actually just a page from one of their catalogues. Idyllic country life, before ratty cardigans cost $250.


Margaret’s looking a little…rough around the edges now that she’s become Marigold and shed her city gear. The beachy waves are on-trend, but she could use some dry shampoo.

I’m pretty sure that, by the mid-90s, Ralph Lauren will have dozens of models wearing this exact outfit at runway shows.


Roger ends up leaving Margaret with the hippies, but Margaret can’t claim the greasiest, worst look of the night. That goes to Don, who gets super day drunk at the office. Not the moody kind of drunk that leads to brilliance — the sad, ugly kind of drunk that once led to Freddie Rumsen playing Mozart on his zipper.

Just in case you were wondering what hitting bottom looks like:

Remember, kids. Drink in moderation.