This week on A SHOW ACTUALLY WORTHY OF THE NAME REVENGE(!!!): So we quickly learn (like, pre-credits) that Team Emily’s behind Charlotte’s kidnapping and their intent is to convince her that her parents are the worst. And? They totally achieve that, plus more. Meanwhile, Daniel’s at peak douchebaggery, setting his sights on taking down Emily for Pascal’s death  which she was guilty of, of course, but never mind that. Victoria continues to rub two brain cells together as she uses L’il Carl’s DNA to verify the Clarkeness of Fauxmanda. But the main thing is that Emily finally gets revenge on Conrad, as he shows the world via satellite just how evil he really is. One Grayson down, one (or more) to go!


Emily’s Target
Emily’s going full throttle against Connie and Vic, finally achieving sweet revenge(!!!) on the #1 target on her hit list. REVENGE(!!!) **shaking fists at the sky in triumph**

Gala of the Week
No time for galas. This week’s big event was the Grayson Fam press conference.

Best Dressed
Everyone’s slinking around in black turtlenecks most of the time, although the trench and sunnies Emily wore while being dragged off by the police were classically gorgeous.

Most Soapy Moment:
Although Vic and Con were chewing up scenery and spitting it out during their weekly rasp-fighting scene, the Daytime Emmy goes to Conrad for whipping around from concerned father checking on his daughter’s ears, to raging villain ripping her a new one, to being sent to jail after finally exposing his true colors to the world. Slow clap, sir.


Come back again on Wednesday for Ann’s thoughts on this week’s beyond dramatics and edgy fashionz.