What Mindy Wore for Apartment/Man Hunting

If you recall from last week, Mindy had sworn off dating and within two minutes of the episode, met Sexy Cop. Why is real life not like this? She continues her streak this week, when she finds a spacious and cheap apartment in NYC, courtesy of her former beau Danny. I repeat: real life, why do you not do this? But anyway, this episode served up several epic moments: Mindy finally stood up for herself, Peter dated a brain surgeon, and Mindanny (almost) kissed.


So. Close.


So apparently Mindy has webbed toes, and after surgery for their removal, she came to the sad realization there was no one to drive her home. Thus, our drugged Mindy stumbled through the streets of New York until a knight in shining armor (read: Charlie the sexy cop) saved her. So much for that manless mantra.

I say her damsel-in-distress attire could use some work. The pink hoodie and scrubs definitely scream fashion distress. Eh, maybe we should forgive the girl since she was just…dewebbed. Shouldn’t her feet be sore or something? I mean, I have no idea how webbed toe removal works, but I’m guessing you’re supposed to stay off your feet for a while.


Charlie takes Mindy back to her place, where she’s all “I need a man to do things for me!” and he convinces her to be independent, etc. Taking his advice to heart, Mindy decides she’s had enough of renting, and it’s time to hunt for her own pad. And of course, who’s a better co-hunter then your ex? 

Yeah, no. Mindy, I still don’t understand your reasoning.

But I DO understand candy pink Chanel. Can you imagine Mindy’s closet with its rainbow colored assortment of bags and jackets? #heaven

The matchy-matchy pinks work well for this outfit, and the shade is stunning on Miss Kaling. Although the high neckline on this Trina Turk dress is a bit awk with the button-down, this ensemble is still my fav of the week.


After a few botched showings, Danny reveals that he knows of a great place for sale. In her price range! In his building? Um, next door to his unit? Ok, so…he owns it. How conveeeeenient.

Mindy moves in for a trial period, and Mindanny start hanging out a whole lot. Mindy looks adorably caz for her scary movie friend-date in a coral striped t-shirt, jeans, and lilac cardi. And Danny looks…denim-y? I mean, I know his shirt isn’t chambray, but tell me his outfit isn’t Canadian tuxedo-adjacent.

Side note: Mindy’s toes seem to have healed well.


The B-plot features Peter (again) and dating drama (again). Look at this brain surgeon/mommy being all cute and sophisticated in her Phillip Lim dress!

Well done, Pete. This is a major step up from your just married “chubster”, not to mention the Christmas tree dating days. Am I the only one who still remembers the Christmas tree story? I’m still horrified.


Anyway, according to Peter, Danny’s pullling a Hugh Hefner and keeping tabs on his favorite bunny by making her live at The Mansion his building.
So rather then Mindanny, we get a date with sexy cop, Charlie. Mindy purposefully leaves their shoes outside the door to incite jealous Danny. Predictably, he raids their date with stories of his not-so-sketchy upbringing in Staten Island.

BTW: who wears work boots with a suit?


Not Mindy, who’s sexiness incarnate in this Helmut Lang dress. Hell, I would forgive her clingy ex for crashing the date, too.


After their failed date, courtesy of Castellano, Mindy asks Charlie to give her a second chance. Too bad their convo was over the phone, because he missed her JCrew gold checked vest and bird patterned button down. Can you imagine if Spencer Hastings and Mindy Lahiri shared clothes? I couldn’t handle the level of preppy animal print cuteness.


May I also mention the adorableness of Betsy’s pin patterned Modcloth dress? Seriously, so much cute flying around Shulman & Associates.


And although we know he’s just another roadblock in the Mindy/Danny love saga, Charlie did give Mindy some sound advice (see: Woman, Independent). After realizing her dependency on Danny, she rejects his kiss and calls him out for his flakey behavior. Hopefully her confrontation will finally shake his fear of commitment. Otherwise, I vote Mindy pulls out her single ladies leotard and sashays away from relationships for a while. 

Seriously, girlfriend — you have a chronic dating issue. Lick your wounds, grab some Ben & Jerry’s and a rom-com, and delete your Tinder app. ASAP.



After the awkward almost-kiss, Mindy returns to Charlie the sexy cop for some airplane and “white circle” watching in a gorge pink shift dress and denim jacket paired with turquoise pumps and jewelry. And he’s wearing his fav gray/black/boring combo. I do not, however, see any boots.

So what do you think are the odds of Mindy dumping Sexy Cop and getting back with Curmudgeonly Gynecologist before the end of the season? And then will she buy his place and they’ll get serious and eventually their two units into one ridiculously huge apartment and then they’ll break up and then they won’t be able to sell it for what it’s worth because they’ve outpriced the building and…I should stop watching rom-coms while reading the real estate section.