Business as Usual?

Don heads back out to La-La-Land to save his wife from herself, but she soon realizes that he just doesn’t want to be in Cali. So they break up. I think? After being kicked to the curb by Megan, Don takes a meeting with a rival agency to make Roger jealous. The plan works, and Roger tells him to come back to the old stomping grounds. Don very awkwardly awaits his fate in the SC&P offices where, to the surprise of no one, Roger hasn’t actually told anyone that he’s invited Don back to work. But the biggest news of all — Betty’s back!


The Bitch is Back

The worst mom in TV-Land is back, but she’s looking fierce on her lunch date with Francine in this little aqua and white shirt dress.

Francine on the other hand? I’m going to have to give this coral pants suit a big thumbs down. Props on getting a job that the Bettster is totally jealous of, though.


Fresh off her catch-up, she decides that she wants to be a great full-time mother and volunteers to chaperone Bobby’s field trip to the farm, and Bobby is SUPER surprised and excited.

Mother and son discuss comic book characters on the ride up and are totes adorbs doing so. Betty’s rocking a linen peach number, but it kind of washes her out and needs a major ironing. Ah, the perils of linen. 


But at least she’s wearing a bra, unlike Bobby’s bright-eyed teacher.

Seriously, don’t they have rules about teachers wearing underwear? Maybe not in the sixties.


At least Betty’s not the only one who noticed. And look, she made a bitchy friend!

Her barn jacket is a bit frumpy, but I suppose it’s more appropriate than what Betty wore. Also loving the patriotic plaid dress underneath.


It’s all fun and games for Betty and Bobby until he trades her sandwich for some gumdrops (“I didn’t know you were going to eat!” he protests. Which, really, is a fair assumption. How often do we see her injest food?) So the day is ruined because Bobby is a kid Betty’s a raging biatch. Back home, Betty whines to Henry that Sally and Bobby hate her, and it’s only a matter of time for Gene.

How sweet is this though? I think this is the best Betty has looked all episode. Not the nightie, necessisarily, but fresh-faced and mid-cuddle with her youngest. What happened to you, Betts?


Breaking Up is Hard to Do 

We open with Don at the movie theater for some reason, and he’s looking like a grandpa.

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this scene was except to show that Don is not working and is getting older.


He quickly changes into a suit to receive Dawn with the day’s news and phone calls.

Why is it so dark in your apartment, Don? Are you trying to save on electricity?


Unfortunately, Dawn is swamped in her new job, which she obviously hasn’t told Don about. But she’s looking amazing in a indigo plaid shift with button detail.

I agree with fellow YKYLF staffer Ann — Dawn is the new Peggy, although Peggy never would have rocked that teal brooch. Need. It.


Anyway, Dawn informs Don of a call from Megan’s agent, who tells him that Megan’s been getting a little desperate for work (i.e. stalking casting agents and begging for more chances). Life is rough when you’re an aspiring actress pushing 30, I guess.

I have to admit, I love Alan. The pattern mixing! I just wish he didn’t try to blend into his office. He’s really hard to see. 1969 camouflage, ladies and gents.


Alan gives Don the lowdown because Don is the closest thing Megan has to a manager. And so, he somewht begrundingly flies out to California to surprise/check up on her.

Found her! She’s wearing a crocheted vest and skirt with an actual camoflage blouse. God, those colors are awful. At least Megan’s got the pins for mini skirts.


Unfortunately, she no longer has patience for Don, especially after he admits he was put on leave from work over a year ago. That’s, you know, time he could have been spending with his wife? In California? Instead of eating Ritz crackers and brooding in his NYC apartment.

And with the realization that Don doesn’t ever intend to move out to L.A., Megan shows Draper the door.


Once back in New York, Don calls Megan to apologize and make one last plea with her.

Never has breaking up looked so glamorous, and Megan lounges in a cream silk robe. I couldn’t quite catch the coral ribbon holding the whole thing together, but I can tell you, it puts Betty’s nightie to shame.


What Are You Doing Here?

Our favorite Roy Orbison impersonator is back, pleaing his case to clients about SC&P state-of-the-art computer system.

Not that the computer exists. Oh, Harry you’re trying way too hard, both professionally and sartorially. These outfits are an assault on the eyes. As are his sideburns.


Anyway, we’re onto to my style star for the ep, and believe it or not, it’s Peggy. Peggy.

Bitch-face aside, look at that shift. Look at it. The forest green color is fab, and I love the studwork along the seams. I’m actually clapping. Well done, Ms. Olsen.


Ugh, Ginsberg. No.

But it’s unanimous in the YKYLF staff room: Stan is a stud. Love him.


Meanwhile, Don’s taking a meeting with another agency and getting hit on by this teenaged hottie.

Looking sweet and innocent in cream, and the gold applique at the bust is an elegant touch. At least Don’s worth hitting on in this classic suit. I think we might be getting dapper Don back!


Instead of following Ms. Sweet-and-Innocent up to her room, he seeks out Roger to get his job back.

And Roger is awaiting his latest lover in a grandpa plaid robe. Seriously, what is he doing with that girl? I can small the patchouli from here. Anyway, Roger tells Don to come back to work. He’ll meet him there. It’ll all be fine. Really.


Aaaand this is where we start the cacophony of WTF when Don actually shows up at the office to meet with Roger and the other partners.

Seriously, does Don remember who Roger is? God, that tie is hideous. I spoke too soon about Don returning to form, but at least he’s not Lou.


Caroline seems happy to see Don. This truly shows that none of the lower staff knew what was going on.

Poor, frumpy Caroline. She’s so sweet, why do they make her look 20 years older than she is with that shawl?


Ginsberg seems unfazed by Don’s return, while Meredith is aroused. Peggy’s pissed, and Stan’s confused (but look at his awesome cuff!)

Is Peggy taking style advice from Caroline? That green dress from earlier got my hopes up, Pegs.


And, I think we may need to stage an intervention for Joan, you guys.

I’ll admit, that dress fits her like a glove, and I lurve her white satchel (no pic of it though, that girl can whip herself around quickly), like I’ve been trolling the internet for one that won’t cost me over $200. But the boots, Peter Pan collar and awful flower print are giving me the sads. She’s like an overgrown schoolgirl, rather than the professional vixen we know/love. Come back to us, Joanie!


Jim’s in his usual state of derp, but Shirley waltzes in in all of her fabulousness to escort him to Lou’s office.

How great is that argyle vest? I’m debating whether I could pull it off, but I’m sure that I’m not as stylin’ as Shirley. Few people are.


Dawn included. 

These colors are phenomenal on her, though. Mustard. Olive. Indigo. Who would have thought?



Maybe this stud? TAKE A LOOK.

I have to say, I’ve never seen Roger look better. Yellow polka-dot tie with a red paisly pocket square? Yes. Knowing what’s happening, for once, is an added bonus.


The parters finally meet, and Roger reminds everyone that Don wasn’t actually fired and that firing him would mean that they would need to buy him out since he’s still a partner. Whoops!

So they agree to let Don back as long as he follows the rules: no drinking, no carousing, no improv during pitches, and lights out by 10pm. Oh, and he’ll be in Lane’s old office. Ouch.

But get this — he accepts! Did anyone else expect Don to go out in a blaze of glory? A big “screw you” to SC&P? I did. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he can hold onto his job and follow the rules. Somehow I doubt it.