This week on DEATH OF A FRENCHMAN, Team Revenge takes a hit when Pascal takes a run through a helicopter’s tail rotor. The gang concocts an elaborate Homeland Security ruse (complete with Emily in an austere Lady Detective outfit) in an effort to get Pascal to wiretap the Graysons. You’re going to be totally shocked, but THINGS DO NOT GO ACCORDING TO PLAN. For reals, this is the second lead that’s gotten killed in as many episodes, and I’m beginning to think Emily & Co. are the worst ever at Revenging.


Emily’s Agent Stone’s Target
Pascal is coerced by Homeland Security Agent “Rebecca Stone” into getting Conrad and Victoria to admit their evil-doings while Pascal wears a wire. He agrees to go after Conrad, but refuses to implicate his lady. That’s love, guys.

Gala of the Week
Shizz goes down at the launch party for Javier’s MyClone app. Nolan tampered with the program so that it made a person’s avatar say embarassing things instead of accurate things. Which, if you think about it, is way more interesting than the app’s intended use.

Best Dressed
Nolan’s patterned jacket nearly won the nod, but I’m going with Victoria’s red dress. Our favorite ice queen was positively radiant in the soft, swingy number, all giggly over her engagement. Did anyone else enjoy seeing her truly happy for a few minutes?

Most Soapy Moment:
Death by rotor blade! I mean, we all saw this coming. Pascal should’ve known it’s generally a bad idea to come between your enemy and a whirling helicopter. Oh, and Charlotte totes gets kidnapped by some Kurt Renner dude, who’s been sending her letters allegedly from a still alive David Clarke. Is he just a cray psychopath who wants ransom money, or is there some sort of Revenge-flavored action afoot?


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