What Mindy Wore For a Week Without Guys

With her heart aching after breakups with various white men, both short and tall, Mindy has decided to swear off guys — a decision that makes her focus on work and also has an unfortunate impact on her fashion sense. Luckily, she gets a chance to get her flirt on with hot police detective Tim Daly. (Does he have a character name on this show? Yes. Am I going to learn it? No.) Meanwhile, Danny enlists Peter’s help as he pretends to be Jewish in a scheme to get thousands of client recommendations from Rabbi Peter MacNicol of Ally McBeal. (Nope, not gonna bother to learn that name either, and yes, the plot is as dumb as it sounds.)


Don’t get me wrong, as a viewer I love that Mindy’s taking some time away from guys and clothes, but as fashion recapper, I have to protest. This red and black striped sweater is perfectly serviceable, but where is the pizazz we’ve come to expect from Mindy Lahiri? Why are the sequins confined to her cuffs? Where are the rhinestones? The twee patterns?


Her next outfit certainly has patterns aplenty, but even Mindy thinks it’s a little…questionable.

A red and blue plaid jumper over a cobalt blue button-down printed with . . . are those wine bottles with arms? Chess pieces? Some kind of insane set of scales? “Okay, even I had misgivings when I put it on this morning,” Mindy admits, “but it’s colorful!” It certainly is — and she works those bright colors with admirable flair — but for once, the patterns don’t quite work together. When the queen of mixed patterns falls down, what hope is there for the rest of us? Will Nolan Ross fail to pull off a triple popped collar next?


Her next work outfit is a little better.

These greens and blues play beautifully off of each other, and that rhinestone brooch adds just the right amount of sparkle. Still, Mindy is showing a trend towards blue outfits this week that worries me when compared to her usual bright reds and yellows. A metaphor for her emotional blues, perhaps?


Out of work, she returns to the blues again, this time in a functional blue hoodie and striped top.

On anyone else this would be a fine outfit to slob around the house in, but this is Mindy Lahiri! She wears rhinestone-encrusted sweaters to work out!


Ah, here’s a pop of color on a random extra!

Oh, wait. That’s Mindy. Sure, this orangey red is nice enough, but wither the adorable details that make classic Mindy Lahiri outerwear so enviable, i.e. belt/embellished buttons/coordinating scarves.


As for this Vince leather jacket?

Not a statement zipper in sight. Oh, Mindy. Girl, this is how we know for sure you’re heartbroken.


But then! By the end of the episode, Mindy gets her groove back.

Z snaps for this outfit. Can we make “This is canary yellow!” into a Mindy catchphrase, pretty please? Because no one else can wear canary yellow like she can. Not to mention pair a heart-dotted pattern with houndstooth. That’s Advanced Mindy Lahiri Fashion Shiz, right there.




No wonder Danny regrets breaking up with her. But unfortunately for him, he’s about to face his traditional end-of-the-season romantic obstacle.

Hot police detective Tim Daly, working the HELL out of this chocolate brown suit, poorly-fitting trousers be damned. He is, as he tells Mindy, not a guy. He’s a MAN. Swoon. Danny Castellano, you’ve got some competition, and only two episodes left this season to win the girl back. Do bear claws come in bouquets? It might take some serious pastry goods to woo Mindy.