What Mindy Wore To Fleet Week

TMP continues its streak of pretty great episodes (and extremely outstanding outfits) with an episode following the continued aftermath of The Great Mindanny Breakup. To get her groove back, Mindy turns to Peter for support. One trip to Fleet Week later, and she’s totally hooked up with Schmidt From New Girl The Guy Who Plays Schmidt on New Girl.


So things start off this week with Mindy on the world’s worst coffee date. The company may be unpleasant, but her bodycon quasi-bandage dress by Cynthia Rowley is pretty fab:

Though perhaps a bit much for a daytime coffee date, no?

Pay close attention to the pink coat in the background, because we’re about to see it again in 3… 2… 1…



Actually, scratch that. It’s a supercute coat in Mindy’s usz style, and the shiny white ensemble is lovely, but the two pieces don’t quite match up. It’s like she’s wearing a Reign gown with a New Girl coat on top. Pick a time period, bb.


My guess is the pink coat is mostly just to keep her from blending into the background in the white-on-white look, though. See what happens when she takes it off?

She’s like a floating head in a sea of white walls and white outfit. Suddenly I understand why Dr. L wears so many bright colours and prints.


So why, you may ask, did wardrobe put her in this outfit this week? Basically, to get this shot:

SO GORGE. Seriously, I’m not sure if Mindy (who looks beautiful 100% of the time) has ever looked as gorgeous as she did laying on this pink carpet in this white Ralph Lauren dress. Those nude heels are a great subtle accent, though the heel (what is that, like 5″?) is possibly inappropriate for someone who uses public transportation and walks around all day.

But whatevs: Danny Castellano, eat your heart out!


Mindy turns to her #2 OB/GYN man friend, Peter, to take her out on the town, platonic-style. As it’s fleet week, Peter dons a nautical coat and sailor’s cap…

And he wins my love FOREVER because if there’s something I like more in life than dressing myself in nautical stripes, it’s a man in full-on sailor drag. CALL ME, SAILOR!


Ahem. Mindy throws on a fairly standard black shift — if not for the sparkley sleeves, I’d almost not recognize this as a Mindy outfit. Plus: another look at Peter looking THE HOTTEST HE HAS EVER LOOKED OMG APPARENTLY I HAVE A SAILOR FETISH.


Close-up on Minds’s embellished sleeves, drop earrings, and handsome platonic date:


So anyways, who does she manage to snag but NotSchmidt! Like, I have no idea what his name was on the show, because… come on. It’s Schmidt in a scarf, right?

Max Greenfield did his best to try and make this character be Not Schmidt but like… we just watched him play Schmidt like twenty minutes ago on New Girl.


Mindy and NotSchmidt hook up, but he’s gone when she wakes up. But no worries, because she wakes up in the episode’s second gorgeous Mindy laying down shot:

Did the show just buy a new ceiling cam? Did Mindy Kaling realize how great she looks against a sea of pink?


In a morning convo with her roommie, Morgan (I totally forgot they were roommates now), Mindy dons her third nightie in three weeks. Is she trying to make old-timey nighties into this show’s version of the Jessica Day pajama closet?

I mean, that looks cozy, but I’m not super into it. I am into her cute mug on the shelf, though.


For the usual romcom reasons, Mindy deduces that NotSchmidt left his scarf behind like Cinderella’s slipper, and she heads out to track him down at the elementary school where he works. Frankly, this blue and white number is her best look all episode:

The bright colours (including her gorge blue shoes) work perfectly with the bright primary hues of this classroom.


Turns out NotSchmidt is a) married b) not into her and c) a total sleaze. Mindy heads out with her dignity mostly intact, along with this latest addition to her enviable coat wardrobe:

See, she doesn’t need to try and make nighties happen. Girlfriend fully owns the title of Best Coats on TV. why should she need anything else?




OK, she’s also got an enviable collection of handbags, including this perfectly coordinated Chanel:

So maybe her love life’s slightly in shambles. When you’ve got outfits like this to go home to, things can never be that bad.


But you guys? I know that we’re all meant to ship Mindanny 4Ever and everything… but what do you think about Peter, lately? Especially after his sweet supportiveness this week, I’m starting to get that stealth Pacey Witter vibe from him. Like, the writers and actors never planned him to hook up with Joey Potter/Mindy Lahiri but the natural chemistry just starts to make it seem inevitable. Or maybe I’m still just crushing on him after the whole sailor hat scenario. One or the other.