Part 2 of 2: Gorgonzola/Gorgeouscollars

Did you know that in England, a grilled cheese is called cheese on toast? No? Well, I hope you know that what everyone needs in a crisis is Emma Pillsbury in flounces and plaid.


Because, let’s face it, Emma’s outfits could end wars and cure disease. Her coffee-coloured lace collar, for example, is a thing of beauty, as is the unexpected and genius tangerine belt.


Emma actually gets to do some counselling this episode, and tries to get religion across to Finn while wearing her darling ‘the birds and bees’ cardigan.

Do you think she has themed outfits for each issue? Cracking collared shirt, in any case.


This episode, it’s all about the necklines. Rachel shows off a low cut under this risky drop and manages to still look demure – I adore how many different stripes she’s working. The restricted pallette stops her looking like a clown, and even her Lolita girl socks match. (!)


More stripes and a lovely sweetheart bodice here. There’s some serious cleavage going on, which may indicate this show is finally on its way to dressing its adult actors like adults.



There’s adult, and then there’s old. High necks can be choking, and this one is, and no amount of perfectly tanned leg can make up for the fact that Rachel just aged ten years.


Singing Yentl in the dark may not be to everyone’s taste, but I am absolutely Gonzo over this overlapping buttoned up collar. It’s vintage, and lovely, and goes really well with Lea Michele channelling Barbra Streisand for what feels like the hundredth time.


Don’t worry about the background of this shot, Burt’s not really dead (and Rachel is there but isn’t there, in a kind of bizarre dream sequence where no one can hear her singing).

The brightness of the poppies against all that black is just lovely, but I’m not sure all that black is what you should wear when you’re trying to stave off a funeral.


Nope. I’m do sone with high-waisted skirts and shirts with stretch but no shape. Rachel looks blue, literally and figuratively. Can we get that poppy skirt back?


You know how I said there’s a time and a place for black?

(And for dressing like the Scarlet Pimpernel?)


Tina just looks like a vampire this episode, there really isn’t much more I can add. She varies tightness, transparency and flounce level, but otherwise she might as well not change.


See what I mean?


Also, who wears a razor blade? This is a show about teen issues but no one picks up on the razor blade? No? Okay, let’s just focus on religion and cheese.


Good Lord and oy vey.