This week on PRETTY PEOPLE TALKING IN RASPY WHISPERS: While you may have been busy with Game of Thrones and Mad Men last night, rest assured the regular cornucopia of smoldering looks continued this week in Montauk. I still have no idea (and don’t really care to understand) the underlying conspiracy going on, but I did catch a few plot points. 1) Daniel and Charlotte made a deal with Javier for his Charvatar program, which is tantamount to a declaration of war on Nolan, 2) Jack and Margaux finally noticed they have nothing in common and broke up, 3) Pascal shot some dude, 4) Emily wore a BIG ASS HAT AND LOOKED AMAZING, and 5) Queen V finally clued in that Emily’s avenging David Clarke.


Emily’s Target
RED SHARPIE IS BACK Y’ALL!!! And a not-so-fond-farewell to Mr. Gilliam, his toxic water production company, and his tangential link to the whole David Clarke fiasco.

Gala of the Week
How have these fancy ladies and gents not hit the horse racing track before? My only sadface is that we didn’t get to see Nolan’s take on Ascot realness.

Best Dressed
See above re: BIG ASS HAT!!!

Most Soapy Moment:
Gotta give it to the sensuous cinematography around the show’s current best character, Red Sharpie, back after a lengthy absence. The slo-mo shots, the lingering close-ups… it was like office supply porn this week.


We couldn’t trust this week’s drama to anyone but the fab Anthony. Check back on Wednesday for our full fashion recap.