Dr. L is back for another double episode. Yes, again! What, whaaaat? These last four episodes showed Dr. L dealing with her feelings for Danny, their getting together briefly, their bizarre medical mishaps, and how she decided it may be time to leave Shulman and join a hoity-toity medical practice catering to Gwyneth and her consciously (un)coupled friends. In the end, Mindy stuck with her practice, but what I’d love to see is whether or not the casting director will give her some new friends to hang out with. She can’t be with the gold folks of Shulman & Associates all the time.


What Mindy Wore Before She and Danny Had The Talk

Things look great to start with, because our girl is rocking a padded biker jacket in olive with complimentary green sweater combo. It’s chic, effortless and says “Mindy in love”…a great look to pull together. Even the peacock skirt doesn’t make me wanna hurl out of cutesiness.

I admit that if I saw Rachel Berry wearing this, I would roll my eyes at how predictable she was, but since it’s Mindy, I approve.


After spending too many nights at Danny’s, Mindy eventually comes home, only to discover her apartment was robbed. (BTW, Mindy: I did not realize you live in a gayborhood. Please introduce sassy new gay cast mates to make occasional appearances, ‘mkay?).

Anyway, she came to work sporting this white nightgown-with-blazer combo. She claims it’s reminiscent of Wendy in Peter Pan, but it’s more like a ice dancing costume. Only Mindy can’t pull it off with the same flair, because her skating music would be Drake and not Mahler.


I much prefer proper pajamas on Mindy, since she always has fun with them. Exhibit A: Birds. Hitchcock would have approved. And I want a set for myself. Do they make this for men?


Exhibit B: menswear-inspired micro plaid. Or perhaps they’re just Danny’s?


Either way, she would fit in with Peter and Jeremy’s plaid print posse. I firmly believe these two color-coordinate via text every morning so that they show up as bros, but not twinsies.

Side note to Handsome British Doctor: please get a haircut. You’re starting to resemble Ross Geller in latter-era Friends and it’s creeping me out.


So Danny wants to keep his and Mindy’s relationship on the DL, and in order to get out of a an awkward conversation with a mankiller pharma rep, he invites everyone over to Mindy’s for an impromptu party. Mindy seizes the moment in this simple but low-cut spaghetti-strap number. Seems like the companion piece to the nightie-as-workwear, no?

Sorry Mindy, but only Liz Lemon can successfully transition pajamas into daywear. We expect better from your closet. Snaps for the embellished belt, though.


I also like the B&W wrap she wears after the disaster of a party.

She truly must be channeling Mary Tyler Moore, because on that’s how Mary always threw the absolute worst parties. What else do you call an event that finishes with a breakup? And thus ends the tale of Mindy and Danny…for now.


What Mindy Wore When She Almost Walked

Now that Danny’s left Mindy, will Mindy leave her job? Depends on how she dresses for it, of course.

I’m not feeling Mindy’s green-on-green dress and patterned blouse. All I see is lawn. Is she saying she feels mowed over by her feelings?

Add pine-shade tights and she’s essentially St. Patrick’s Day incarnate. Me no likey. Mindy’s got to get back in the game because this is hideous.


She should take pointers from OB-gyn to the stars, Sheila Hamilton. (Hi, Anna Gunn!!) The silhouette and pattern recalls Twiggy but is more Alexander McQueen in execution. I’m guessing this only fits on triathletes and — if I may quote Bridget Jones’ Diary (as seen on the show last week) — “stick insect women.” The honey-voiced Shelia Hamilton certainly qualifies.


Next up is this hot pink sweater vest and a multi-patterned deconstructed pattern print. The blouse befits a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, but the vest ties the whole look together.

I think the next time I have an outrageous shirt, I’ll throw a solid color on top. Less distracting in business meetings, and no one will tell me to go to mime school. Good save, Dr. L!


And now we add the newest addition to Mindy’s always-impeccable outerwear collection: purple pea coat with gold buttons! I can’t even right now. I’m expecting her to sport a Chanel jacket next season.


And in case you missed it, she’s got one in cerulean too, worn at the top of the episode:

And a reddish orange one, before that:

Seriously girl, stop. I’m kvelling. She must be popular with the aforementioned gay neighbors.


But what’s underneath the smart purple coat? This equally smart number: 

I call this pattern “geometrically configured Jackson Pollock.”


And who’s that woman sitting in the middle of her lunch with the ladies of Hamilton Partners? Why, none other than Lily’s disapproving mother, Cece Rhodes, from our dear departed Gossip Girl! Maybe Cece was such a beyotch because she lived soley on gin and never cookies…unlike Gladys, who was like the sweet and caring society grandmother you wish you had.

For those of you new-ish to us, YKYLF started soley covering Gossip Girl. So, rule of thumb: every time we see a former GG cast member on another show, we WILL feature them.

Even though Dr. L would have had a wonderful time working at Sheila Hamilton’s GOOP-inspired clinic, I’m glad Mindy decided to go back to the boys at Shulman. Way to resist the siren call of fair-trade silk patient gowns and in-clinic yoga classes, Mindy (and cookies, obvs).