Part 2 of 2: Hamptonian Hustle


I guess when you’re not actually invited to the party, instructions on the dress code get a little lost. Because honestly, it’s the only way to explain why V went full Amy Adams circa American Hustle for a night in Monte Carlo. 

On it’s own, this Roberto Cavalli gown is totally gorge, if a little “been there, done that” with the massive hair, plunging cleave and cleave tape (done by both real Amy Adams and Amy Adams’ character).


But when compared to Emily, V comes off less Monte Carlo and more Atlantic City. 

While Emily has done red so many times before, I can’t blame her for doing it again (so shut up, Daniel), because she does it so well. This dress is killer and it shows off the girls without being to showy. And the Veronica Lake waves are perfect for a classy night of high stakes poker.




The guest who didn’t get the memo on how to showcase the girls is Charvatar, who attempted Mommy Dearest’s American Hustle look by sewing two cloth napkins together. 

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again when it comes to her: poor kid.  I mean, Javier’s been on the show for a blink of an eye and he’s already had way more action than she’s had.

Not just the kissy face. He’s already got an ankle monitor and an app that stalks Charvatar through algorithms. She’s… read the Voulez gossip tip line and moped about Daniel dragging Jack’s saintly name into his plans to manipulate Margaux over something no one cares about. 


Daniel, party crasher extrodinaire, totally understood what to wear to a Monte Carlo night (because pre-Revenge, I’m sure this guy crashed his fair share of fancy parties) and turns up in full Chuck Bass: white jacket, patterned scarf, scotch and a smug look on his face. 

Unlike Chuck Bass, he doesn’t wear smug nearly as well. And “I’m Daniel Grayson” will never have the same je ne sais quois of Chuck Bass, circa seasons 1-3. Which is probably why it was so damn satisfying to see his face when Emily gave him back his maxed out credit card.

Bam! Although, I’m not entirely certain why everyone is talking about her like she’s poor. Did she already burn through her Revenge savings? If so, who’s bankrolling the Revengenda these days? I’m concerned. I’m also concerned about Margaux’s outfit this evening. After all the rich jewel colours in her office wear, she goes for what appears to be Wilma Filmstone glam. It just doesn’t work for me. 


Not that anyone will notice her pre-historic wear, not with Nolan Ross and his floral jacket and walking stick. 

No matter what happens, no matter who gets crossed and double crossed and Sharpie’d, I ask one thing: let nothing ever change Nolan Ross and his mad steez.