This week on JOKERS ARE WILD, BUT NOT AS WILD AS V’S HAIR: Hot on the heels of last week’s opera field trip, the show picks another theme night as Emily throws a spontaneous casino night for charity. I’m still not sure who was double- and triple-crossing whom, but it seems like the night ended with V and Pascal in league, Emily maybe having the upper hand on them both, Connie teaming up with Stevie and/or Victoria and/or Pascal, and Stevie maybe siding with the Graysons again? And Margaux may now be on #TeamDaniel. Then, we learn that Aidan’s a) still on the show and b) has his own family connection to the David Clarke airplane crash fiasco. And at the end of the day, it’s probably not the best idea for Stevie’s recovery to spend so much time with her son, who lives in a bar.

Emily’s Target
Emily’s got her sights set on Pascal Lemarchal (notice how nobody ever uses just his first name?). No Red Sharpies this week, though her red strapless number was pretty fab in the meantime.

Gala of the Week
Emily turned out a fairly spectacular Monte Carlo night on zero notice. But these socialites will take any excuse to haul out the eveningwear, so of course it was totally sold out.

Best Dressed
Though Queen V and Charlotte both brought some Amy Adams in American Hustle navel-baring realness, Emily’s classic vampy look stole the show. Hey, if there’s no time for a Red Sharpie, I’ll take a red evening gown.

Most Soapy Moment:
Even Javier knew he was being over-the-top with his Notebook style wooing of Charlotte at the gala. You’d think gurl would know better than to fall for that sort of cheesy set-up, but then again, it’s Charlotte we’re talking about.


Come back on Wednesday when L-A reviews whose fashions knew when to walk away, and whose should have known to run.