What Jess Wore to Break Up with Nick (Tear…)

The gang plays True American and leaves us all to continue wondering what the hell this game is all about. The next day is one big hangover and everyone has their burden to bear. Some pretty girls are moving into Schmidt’s old place, so obvs Coach, Winston and Schmidt are fighting over them. Cece sent numerous drunk texts to her new Aussie boy-toy and tries to text her way back out of them. And Nick and Jess get in a huge fight while trying to put together a toy for Jess’ godson, Jacob which leads to me tearing up when they decide to go their separate ways. Sniff.


Ahh, True American. The most confusing and hangover-inducing drinking game ever created. The guys all look pretty standard with the notable exception of Schmidt who is wearing a mint tee. Uncharacteristic, no? And god knows why Coach is wearing a puffer vest inside. In LA. 

Cece’s rocking a black leather shift dress and looks stunning, as per usual. And snaps for Jess’ plum sweater with lavender patchwork. A nice comfortable outfit for getting off your face.


A nice look for passing out en masse as well…

I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t happed to me once or twice.


Later on in teh morning, Sadie calls to remind Jess that it’s her Godson’s first birthday, so she pulls together a knockout outfit with Nick’s help.

She managed to find her standard black mini-skirt and paired it with a turquoise bikini top and flowery pink pajama top. That combo would make me well-up too, Jess. 


And what better time to talk about the state of your relationship than when hungover and trying to assemble a children’s toy? 

Jess wants to live by a lake and send her 2 kids to good schools, while Nick wants to be a long-haul trucker in Minnesota, or possibly Mars. Nick also has to name his first born Reginald Valjohnson (after the man who played Carl Winslow on Family Matters. I didn’t even have to look that up). I’m sure they’ll work it out.


Meanwhile, Winston, Coach and Schmidt puff out their peacock feathers, trying to impress the new tenants of Schmidt’s former loft. 

The girls don standard American Apparel fare for moving day, while Schmidt is back in his classic plaid button down. Coach steps it up for the ladies though, in jeans and a cerulean v-neck. Lovely.


Winston finally slaps some sense into the two after their fighting gets out of hand and they break some of the girls’ things.

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. Amazing action shot.


Speaking of fights, Jess and Nick’s escalated, and we all know it’s not a real fight until the fire department has to be called. At least Jess and Nick are front and center to apologize to everyone as they’re evacuated from the building.

I’m glad Jess buttoned up her pajama top, too. 


And Cece leaves the building looking much fresher than anyone other party-goer, with the exception of the schlumpy blue hoodie.

Seriosuly, this is Cece with a hangover? Even her hottie boy-toy can’t be freaked out by her drunk text when she looks like this, and invites her out for pancakes. Hold onto this one, C.


Once the fire is out, Jess and Nick both throw on some fresh pajamas and decide that they don’t want the same things in life.

It’s probably best, as I’m not sure that Jess would be able to take her vast pajama collection all the way to Mars.


The two say that they love each other and decide to break-up, forgetting that Schmidt is now living in Jess’ room.

So Jess still has to stay in Nick’s room. Awkward.


*Sniff* I teared up a little when Jess and Nick broke up, how about you guys? Will the forced co-habitation throw them back together? Or will Jess move in with the new girls (ha!) down the hall?