Part 2 of 2: A Night at the Opera 

All those other outfits were merely opening acts for the real meat of this week’s style parade. Let’s take this from worst to best, shall we? 


WORST: Stevie G

Stevie’s outfit slump continues with this sad mauve jersey number. 

This lady has proven she knows how to do glam, but she falls down on the job here. The long sleeves and droopy neckline are very mother-of-the-bride in Eileen Fisher.


WORST: Margaux

Girl, what are you doing? I thought we had an understanding! We would put up with your dull-ass Voulez plotlines in exchange for you wearing impeccably styled European fashion every Sunday night.

That does not mean stapling a set of drapes around yourself and hot-gluing rhinestones to the chest. On the plus side, your hair and earrings are fierce.


WORST: Charlotte

Charlotte is continuing with her edgy Eurotrash makeover, here signified by her choker, severe ponytail, and red corset.

But let’s be honest here. Does anyone actually care? … Anyone?


Enough of that sadness. Time for the best-dressed!

BEST: Queen V

Victoria Grayson, you minx. The only thing more glorious than the way you pulled off this slinky Dolce & Gabbana gown was the line you used to send Pascal packing as you did so.

“Keep your distance, Pascal. This dress may touch my body, but you’ll never be so lucky.” You tell that inexplicably young French dad, Victoria. You tell him.



But the real star of the night was Emily in her fairytale ball gown. I do not blame that photographer in the background for grinning like an idiot at this gorgeousness.

Real talk: Emily’s been off her formalwear game for awhile, what with the gunshots and the amnesia and the blackouts and just the general wear and tear of the revenge ninja lifestyle. But this romantic silvery spiderweb of a dress proves our girl’s back in fighting form. Windmill snaps for Emily.




Not only is her fashion game back on, but there may be some RED SHARPIE ACTION in the very near future. Turns out Preteen Dad Pascal was part of the Grayson’s neverending plot against David Clarke. Does this mean Margaux gets a plotline now? Here’s hoping!