This week on A NIGHT AT THE OPERA: With the whole blackout plotline just a distant memory, the show moves onto some new plotlines centring around the new guy in town: Margaux’s Dad, Pascal. Not only is the French Fox Connie’s old business rival, but he’s still carrying a torch for Queen V and may have had something to do with the David Clarke fiasco. Also new in town is Nolan’s former jail buddy, who sleazes his way into becoming Nolan’s new roommate as well as his hacking protege. But the highlights are a) Nolan and Jack’s Ocean’s 11 scheming to get some old files and b) when the whole gang slaps on their best Reign outfits for a night at the OPERA!!! 


Emily’s Target
Though she spends this week scheming against the Graysons, the episode ends with her deciding to destroy Margaux’s Dad. Sounds like we’ll get some Old Skool Revenging Action next week!!! 

Gala of the Week
It’s amazing this show’s never gone to the opera before, when the past three seasons’ worth of machinations are right out of an opera themselves. Family betrayal! Ruthless vendettas! Nonsensical plotlines!

Best Dressed
I’m so glad to give Emily her first Best Dressed in ages and ages. Her gold red carpet look was GORGE. Glad she’s back in fighting shape after the whole gut-wound/amnesia/blackouts scenario.

Most Soapy Moment:
Emily’s teary-eyed slo-mo ejection from the opera, just as the tenor was reaching the climax of his aria was an epic moment of cheesy soap glory. And when it was revealed she’d been the one to leak her medical records? Perfect soapy plot twist.


Check back Wednesday for Constance’s recap of all the operatic highs and lows of this week’s fashion.