Part 2 of 2: The Only Exceptions

Guess which adorable little woodland creature is back for another season?

Oh, Emma. There are frills, there are polka dots, and there’s you. No wonder John Stamos snatched you up (and no wonder Will is trying to snatch you back).


Glee has a far higher mustard ratio than any other show I’ve ever seen, but it words. J’adore the hand-crafted feel of the cardigan, like Emma sits at home crocheting of a Friday night.


Will shows off his new Corvette, which annoyingly obscures our view of this outfit – still, love the dual fruitlicious pins, love that the pencil skirt you can’t see matches them. Love. LOVE.


It’s getting near that time of year again, so I am one hundred percent behind Emma dressing as a pretty purple Easter Egg. That yellow belt is the star, though, and makes sure she looks like a pulled together woman rather than a silk emulsion colour swatch.


I very rarely hate on Emma, but I’m not a fan of this ensemble. The white and the nude so close together are not flattering, and the texture of that bow kind of makes poor sweet Emma look like she’s growing mould. Icky.


Guess which other adorable little woodland creature is back again?

Why Kurt didn’t get his own Britney number escapes me, but maybe it’s because he’s dressed as the debonair Bertie Wooster, crossed with a test pilot. Nice pop of pink, though.


Seriously, Britney-approved or not, Kurt’s choices this episode are all ones I can get behind. Bowties? Fabulous. Patterns over monochromes? Fabulous. Double breasted suits? Fabulous.

Laissez-fair wearing of that gorgeous burnt orange? FABULOUS.


“Oh no you di’nt!”

Oh, yes I did become seriously confused by Mercedes’ shirt, which has one short sleeve, one long sleeve, one epaulette and one hell of a lot going on. Is matching your fedora to your undershirt classy or trashy? You decide.


Speaking of classy or trashy, here are the New Directions. Mercedes looks like Donna Meagle tried to treat herself out of a nursing home’s poor box (crocheting is Emma’s, honey, not yours), Rachel shows off some killer legs in one deadly cutie of a sundress, and Tina…

…is doing the full Lolita thing, as I requested, not a vampire-in-an-anime/Lolita mashup. It worries me when these kids obey me. What are they planning?!


From Victoriana Lolita to thirties princess, this outfit would be more than acceptable for a well-to-do funeral in Long Island. So good of you to come, Tina dear.


There are but three words to describe Rachel’s style this episode: cardigans, cardigans and cardigans. They’re well matched with beautifully nautical dresses, but they’re still plain old knitwear, albeit it with cute buttons and bows.

I would kill for a blazer on this B.


Or this hot to trot sundress, which is still nautical, but very Marilyn or Liz.

Even though she’s stepped it up so far this season, if anyone needs more Elizabeth Taylor, it’s Rachel Berry.