What Jess Wore When She Played With Fire

Life is relatively calmer for Jess and the gang since Hurricane Abby bid them adieu, but that doesn’t mean the loft isn’t entirely without shenanigans. Jess gets Coach a job at the middle school coaching the boys’ volleyball team, but it was only a matter of time until his er…motivational tactics spur Jess into getting a promotion to Vice Principal. It all backfires in spectacular fashion when task #1 on her to-do list is to fire Coach. Ruh-roh. Meanwhile, Schmidt finds himself in some legal trouble, but it’s nothing that a sort-of lawyer and his Law & Order fanatic sidekick can’t handle. Except they really can’t. 


Jess gets her day (and Coach’s) started in this lovely black and aqua Eva Franco dress. This is just such a fun piece! There’s a lot going on with the print (I’m almost inclined to think it’s peacock inspired) but because we’re only playing with two colors here, the effect is more interesting than obnoxious…generally a good thing for that early in the day. 


You know how they say to dress for the job you want rather than the job you have? Well, Vice-Principal Day gets it spot on in this classic, conservative ModCloth navy dress. The white piping adds some dimension to what could otherwise be a huge snore and her token bow belt is the perfect touch of feminine. 


Pre-VP, Jess wore many hats at the middle school. First, there was this maroon hat, which not only coordinated with her humongous lawnmower, but also a zip of color to her black and white polka dot ensemble. I can’t say I’m thrilled with her choice of blouse, but she’s mowing the school lawn, so I guess we can cut her a break. 

No breaks needed with her second ensemble, though. This sky blue gingham dress with the matching rubber gloves (because what doesn’t match when it comes to Jess??) is absolutely precious. A little June Cleaver-y, but that’s part of the charm. I wonder how motivated we’d all be to do a spot of spring cleaning if a color-coordinated outfit was involved? 



While Jess grapples with some unwanted VP tasks, she’s definitely not struggling in the wardrobe department. She’s found her niche in schoolgirl chic and she’s pretty much set up shop there. The white collar and cuff details of this J.Crew pullover are subtle but pull the whole look together — can’t go wrong with red, white, and blue.


Jess channels a bit of Piet Mondrian with this Tommy Hilfiger windowpane sweater. A fairly standard look for our Jessica, especially with her perfectly tousled curls bouncing around in agitation as Winston shames her with his judging face. 

The only thing I’d maybe suggest is…Jess may want to revisit that dress code section in the school handbook because IDK about you guys, but I’m thinking faculty + miniskirts? Not ok.


Ah, there — maybe she was reviewing hemline rules before she conked out. Can’t blame her. Nothing paves the way for a good snooze fest better than cute and comfy pajamas and handbooks. Good God, this woman and her sleepwear. Impeccable every freaking time. 


 Also impeccable? Coach in a letterman jacket. In a welcome departure from his rotation of tracksuits, Coach — or Coach Coach to some — puts on some regular man clothes and this awesome, classic varsity jacket. A++ for this look. 


The boys got off to a lackluster/frumpy/grungy start with the exception of Schmidt, who’s always so well put together. This colorful gingham button down is a nice way to usher in some springy colors and prints, as well as to mask any wounds from Abby’s crazy weapon jewelry. 


But, grown-up times call for grown-up clothes, and the guys band together to support Schmidt when someone tries to sue him for some stupid reason. What happened to “you break it, you buy it?” Anyway, donning what looks to be fitted and ironed button downs with muted colors and prints, they look so mature and masculine. Who ARE these boys?

Side note: don’t you love it when shirts have contrasting lining? Well played, Nick. 


And if that wasn’t good enough, be still my heart, they suited up. It’s hard to beat a good looking guy in a good looking suit. 

At least we know that even if Nick can’t act like a lawyer, he can dress the part. And a tiny part of me is so thrilled that they’re representing all manner of suits: black, navy, and gray. Ugh, dressing up is the best. 


The guys celebrate their big win at the bar, with Cece serving up shots in sophisticated casual wear. The lace top is laid back and sexy on our infallibly stylish Cece. No one could really blame this Buster guy for hitting on her. Even though he’s only 20. Yeah, 20. Can’t you tell, from the jean jacket? Ah, well, at least he’s got a swoon-y accent.

Can’t wait to see if this little import sticks around for a while! Maybe he can sublet Schmidt’s place.