What Jess Wore to Move in with Nick

Abby’s still hanging around, macking on Schmidt, and making deadly jewelry. Jess feels a shade of jealousy over how quickly Schmabby are moving, so she traps Nick into sharing a bedroom. Cece and Coach are new besties, trying to find a way to break up Abby and Schmidt, and Winston’s there too, but only to prep for his police exam and to bring Jess and Nick back together after they admit they don’t want to be together 24/7. 


Schmidt and Abby have the gang over for brunch, then make everyone regurgitate everything by doing this:

At least Abby’s wearing an amazing top while she eats Schmidt’s face. I didn’t even realize that metallic burgandy was possible. Love.


So apparently her “thing” is making dangerous jewelry out of what I assume is crap from the trash.

Word to the wise: Hold on to a man that will wear whatever hideous thing you give him. Especially if it makes him bleed.


Winston’s actually wearing a shirt that I can get on board with. Nick’s look is pretty typical, and bonus points for defending his food like he’s never going to eat again.

A man after my own heart.


Jess has on a Kate Spade sweater in her favorite shade of blue (aka, navy), and her usual nearly macaron-baring black skirt.

Pretty standard fare for Jessica. At least her hair is looking gorgeous. Yes, I am envious.


Also normal Jess-wear, a pajama set from her vast collection. This one seems to be navy flannel, which is more appropriate to the weather in the northeastern part of the country than to LA, but whatever…

And then there’s Nick. And his nightshirt. Oh Nick, no. Somewhere between this and his dirty feet, Jess begins to question bunking together, and I can’t say I blame her.


While all that nonsense is happening across the hall, Coach and Cece snoop through Schmidt’s loft to get some dirt on Abby. But not actual dirt. You won’t find any of that in Casa de Schmidt y Abbey.

I’m just glad Cece’s out from behind the bar. And today she gets to rock a floaty vermillion tank! 10s from me. 


So Jess decides that to get away from Nick, she’ll have to ride the elevator all day. Luckily, Abby casually mentions she has a hotel room for the night that she can’t use. Does Jess want it? Ka-ching!

And may I add that I wish I had the balls to wear what Abby is wearing in this scene. It’s casual and glam at the same time. I need to get tougher, I think.



With that, Jess makes up a story about needing to chaperone a field trip and packs her color coordinated suitcase faster than you can say “FREE HOTEL ROOM!”


I love the watermelon pink dress, though I’m sure we’ve seen it before. Is it a little sad that I’m bummed about the tie on the dress hanging out the back? I hate when you get that little bulge under a cardi when you have a dress with a bow on the back, don’t you?


Anyway, Jess does exactly what I would do with a free night alone and orders room service, watches sad movies, drinks champagne and screams at the top of her lungs.

And still manages to have perfect hair… le sigh.


While Jess is off on her night of freedom, Cece, Schmidt, and Coach stalk Abby in a sketchy neighborhood. Fun, right?

It is if you get to wear bitchin’ leather jackets like Cece and Abby. Wish I could have gotten a better picture of them, though. And it turns out Abby was just buying zippers. From a crackhead, but still. Just zippers.


Coach finally sits down with Cece to tell her she’s being crazy about the whole Schmidt-Abby situation.

Cece may be cray, but girl can rock a jewel tone. Want. That. Dress. Now.


What I don’t want is any jewelry made by Abby. It’s hideous. And life threatening.

But when Cece apologizes to Schmidt, it’s a sweet moment between the two. Why can’t these crazy kids get back together?


Speaking of back together, Jess and Nick decide that it’s better to have their own personal spaces for the time being. 

How can you resist someone in such an adorable outfit, Nick? I like that Jess is wearing a cream cardigan for a change. Is that weird? It brightens everything up. Even Nick’s dingy room.

But just as they come to that agreement, Schmidt announces he’s moving back in with the gang. Abby’s gone, Schmidt’s gone broke buying her a store for her jewelry, and hey, Jess’s room is free! Now that it’s Casa de Schmidt y Coach y Winston y Nick y Jess, there’s no way things will get claustrophobic, right?