What Jess and her sister wore

Abby’s back, and she’s throwing knives, jumping on cars, and having sex with Schmidt. Jess wanted Abby to move out, and searched to find an apartment for her, while Nick was the worst babysitter (sistersitter?) in the world. Winston (finally) freaked out about how much of a failure he is at life, and Coach tried to help him figure out his problems. In the end, Winston is still unemployed and Abby moved in with Schmidt.


It all started when Jess walked in on the boys and Abby playing with knives, which resulted in Jess almost getting killed. Jess was dressed for a good day with a happy yellow and white dress, matching purse and matching shoes. And yet, not too matchy-matchy. 10/10 would def wear.

Nick was sporting the usual plaid, but hey, I think it’s growing on me. He’s wearing a lot of earth-tone plaid like Navid used to on 90210 (wayyyy, way back), but somehow I don’t mind it as much. Perhaps because he’s a lot less irritating than Navid.


The boys kept it simple with their usual styles: Schmidt a sweater and button down, Coach a sweatshirt, and Winston…some form of t-shirt he can eat chips in.


After realizing that the results to his LAPD exam were coming out that day, Winston decided to avoid the results at all cost and GO TO THE GYM. Seriously. No, really. I’m not kidding. I even have proof.

Look: Coach was even helping Winston do some deep stretches. How kind and thoughtful of him! It definitely wasn’t because Winston booked Coach as his trainer for the entire afternoon and Coach had no choice.


While Winston was trying to forget about his life falling to pieces, Nick was on babysitter duty to keep Abby from finding out that Jess wanted to kick her out.

Because Nick is terrible at distracting, he took her to a car museum, where maximum damage could occur. Abby’s such a rocker chick in her all black ensemble. It’s like, ATTENTION WORLD: THE DAY SISTERS ARE DIFFERENT!


It only took five minutes for Abby to hop onto a car in order to get Nick to admit the truth about their day out, and then she wouldn’t get down. She even argued with an old lady.

Now if this isn’t badass, I don’t know what is.


Schmidt came to the rescue, and brought Abby back to his apartment. Which resulted in this:

A scene that cannot be unseen.


Nick freaked out, finally told Jess, who freaked out more, and then Abby moved in with Schmidt to have tons of sex. We end with a kickass elevator scene in which Abby rocks all leather and a beautiful studded bag. I do love Jess’s clothing, but Abby sure knows how to grab people’s attention.

Looks like we’re in for at least one more Abby-centric episode. Hang on to your knives!