Coming down from last week’s dream of an episode, we return to the city, where Adam and Hannah have suddenly become the perfect (20s, Hipster, NYC) couple. Adam finally gets an acting gig, while Hannah has an advertorial interview with Patti LuPone, an assignment at the Gramercy Hotel, and a week’s paycheck worth more than her rent. While Adam and Hannah are accelerating, Marnie gets dumped by Ray, Shoshanna is graduating in 2 weeks (and hasn’t properly freaked out yet), and Jessa is doing drugs again. (Who’s shocked? Anyone?) Sure, it may seem like all the other Girls are in the dumps, but unfortunately, TV has taught us one major thing: a relationship that is too seemingly perfect is just the perfect set up for a major downfall. Let’s just hope the TV Gods are merciful. #adamandhannahforever


Best Outfit

After discovering that she makes more in a week than she pays for an entire month’s rent (wait, seriously? Is GQ hiring?), Hannah passes an Intermix, walks in and comes out wearing a $1,165 Alexander McQueen peplum dress. Yep. You read that right: ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE. (Wait, SERIOUSLY, is GQ hiring?? HELLO???)

This dress is gorgeous, fits her like a glove (probably for the first time in her entire Girls career) and completely voids the ugly plimsoll shoes and ill-accessorized Cambridge Satchel. 

Hannah Horvath, you have ARRIVED.


Most Hipster Moment

Picking the Most Hipster Moment on this show is like counting how many times the Girls are being self-absorbed. It’s impossible, because there are SO DAMN MANY. In this episode, Adam makes a fellow actor friend and brings him over to the Gramercy Hotel where everyone (sans Hannah, of course) fawns all over him. Of course, Desi’s one of those guys that has a guitar permanently strapped to his back and has a million stories about everything and nothing at the same time.

You know that movie rule where, if you see a gun in the first act, it has to go off by the end of the movie? Same goes for guitars. And of course, Desi chooses “Roll on, John” by Bob Dylan. Roll on, eyes, roll on.