What Jess Wore to pick Abby up from Jail

This week we meet Abby, Jess’s sister and a grown-up Lindsay of Freaks and Geeks fame. While Jess is perky and likes to sing like a Disney princess, Abby enjoys starting fights, dressing a bit risque, and putting her drinks on a stranger’s bartab. Meanwhile, Schmidt crashes a bar mitzvah, Coach and Cece have the age-old “why didn’t you answer my text?!” argument, and Winston continues his string of Miranda-style storylines. Also, he eats soup.


Jess wakes up to a phone call from her mother. In my experience, early phone calls from your mother mean you need to do something, and Jess’s mother proves to be no exception: Jess needs to pick up her sister from jail. She trys to hide this from Nick by acting happy and making weird faces.

The face may be weird but Jess’s jams are a super cute star pattern, and I like the slight cat-eye shape of her glasses. Girl’s hair, as usual, is slightly curled to hipster perfection.


Cece has an equally difficult time hiding her negative reaction to Abby’s impending arrival. 

Unintentionally, Cece is also in her pajamas. While she always looks good, I doubt anyone else would be able to pull off what appears to be an outfit comprised of silk pajama top and black jeans as a “daytime” look. 


After sending Nick off to play wingman to Schmidt, Jess plays the dutiful daughter and picks Abby up from the airport.

Sis may be a bit of a mess with jail and no job and all that, but she is KILLING that outfit. Could I wear that? No. Do I want to? Absofreakinglutely. The skirt and top fit her perfectly and I love, love, no seriously LOVE her chunky gold bracelet.   


Jess and Abby have a little bonding time, and we see their sisterly sides. 

I’m usually coveting Jess’s outfits, and this a-line, bow-belted, houndstooth-print number is cute, but I still like Abby’s look more. Jess’s red-coral nail polish is pretty sick, though.


While the Day sisters bond, Winston eats soup…

Moving on.


Schmidt wants to date/marry the daughter of his rabbi, a Hebrew School teacher, so he and Nick head to a bar mitzvah to find her.

Typical Schmidt: Nice suit, expensive tie, crisp shirt, sleazy grin.


In the meantime, Nick chats up Schmidt’s rabbi while Schmidt has time to make a play for his daughter. What a wingman! I’m not super into Nick’s brown suit, although it seems to be a look he turns to quite a bit. His hair is endearingly done up, as he plans to meet Jess’s sister later on in the day.

Snaps for Jon Lovitz. He’s just as spot-on as a rabbi as he was a stoned restaurant owner on Friends.


After some misunderstandings and sibling relationship growth, Nick and Abby meet, and Jess agrees to let Abby crash with the gang for a bit.

Abby continues her slightly inappropriate streak by greeting Nick in a blue bathrobe and listening to Nick and Jess’s conversation through the door. I’m assuming that Jess laid out some pajamas for Abby who refused them. Hmm..refusing to wear cute PJs? Are we sure they’re related?