Part 1 of 2: Prints, pills, and pretty boys

So EzrA… A or not A? The jury’s still out, but we’re firmly in the A camp. “True crime novel” or not, he had cameras watching the girls, multiple (!) lairs, and a pretty comprehensive photo portfolio of the PLLs. In any case, the episode starts off with Spencer waking up at Ezra’s desk. Her “rug moblem” has gotten a tad out of control, which only leads to bad things and bad clothes (Radley uniform or, well, you’ll see). Nevertheless, she pushes Emily and Hanna to tell Aria that Ezra is A, only Ezra gets to Aria first, telling her all about Spencer’s pill habit. Aria’s intervention becomes Spencer’s intervention, and clever Spencer instead devises a plan to catch Ezra as A. Only her plan doesn’t go too well when Ezra doesn’t show up, but rather, a blonde who looks suspiciously like Ali. And through all of this, Mike and Mona (Mina? Moke?) deal with the very stressful L-word. 


Don’t do drugs, kids, because bad clothes are a consequence of bad decisions. Spencer is wearing basketball shorts. And shower slippers. The only thing remotely ok about all of this is Spencer’s bag, which is this great leather crossbody that looks roomy enough to fit a spare set of clothes.


But…the slippers.


Luckily, Hanna and Emily come to the rescue, both dressed for school/cocktail party. Loving the metallic accents on Emily’s sweater (sweater + off the shoulder = so Em), but the real stunner is Hanna’s moto BCBG jacket. It makes her brocade dress a little more casual, and ties the entire look together.


Leave it to Hanna to have spare clothes. It’s not animal print, but the ice cream-printed top and orange jeans will have to do. And of course there’s Toby, in an adorable tee-and-long-sleeve combo.


Who I might add, was the perfect boyfriend this episode. The lunch, the dinner that didn’t happen, the necklace…we were missing the Gratuitous Shirtlessness, but I suppose this’ll do.

PS – how does his bouffant remain intact with that helmet? Is he immune to helmet hair??


Speaking of hair — how fab was Emily’s hair this week? We may start swapping Gratuitous Shirtlessness for Gratuitous Hair Love.


Spencer might be out of the running for a while on the hair front. While I appreciate the lack of slippers, the plain Joie sweater and jeans are a far cry from Spencer’s usual preppy fare.


After their initial plan doesn’t go as planned (Spencer’s dirty secrets are aired instead of Ezra’s), Spencer plans to catch Ezra as A, using Ali and Board Shorts’ old makeout spot. Because reptiles are totally romantic.


Emily and Hanna are killing it again, with Em’s metallic accented leather jacket, and Hanna’s jewel encrusted sweater. Especially fab is Hanna’s glitter Hudson jeans. Because when you’re setting up the person who’s been tormenting you for years and is always one step ahead of you, you may as well wear glitter jeans.


Like all best laid PLL plans, it doesn’t go quite as hoped. Ezra never shows up to find Ali picking up her stash (which totally doesn’t look out of place next to a crocodile replica).


Instead, some mystery blonde (Ali?) shows up, possibly making the fake money drop-off a real thing. If it wasn’t Ali, then clearly someone else has been listening in on the PLLs.


Not that Spencer needed any extra help to self destruct this week. Her mother finds out about her drug problem after Spencer’s desperate call to the doctor’s office is discovered by her mother. But I’ll bet Veronica wouldn’t have figured it out on her own…Spencer’s circles were beginning to take over her cheekbones. Case in point:


Also totally on point: Veronica’s dress and wrap for dinner at the country club. The rich fabrics and deep tones are a welcome change from Veronica’s usual power suits.


Spencer still isn’t feeling entirely like herself by the end of the episode (literally, as she had to pretend to be Ali for five seconds or so), donning this giant, worn, looks super comfy sweater. It’s definitely not something Ali would wear.

But possibly something Ali-on-the-run would wear?