Part 1 of 2: Walking on Sunshine

So, here’s what you missed on Glee: Quinn replaces Santana as head of the Cheerios now she’s preggo no more, but the cheerleading squad gets its budget cut, as does (gasp) the New Directions! Finn and Rachel try to recruit new glee club members and end up with Sunshine and Sam…and then Sunshine gets sharked by (gasp) Vocal Adrenaline! Will and Sue are friends for about five minutes, and then that’s the end of that. Happy new season!


This is Jacob Ben Israel, bringing in season two of Glee with a hokey shaky cam intro! Doesn’t Rachel look pretty with her glossy bangs and well-coordinated top and skirt?


In fact, Rachel pretty much rocks it on the style front this episode. The rich apple green of this cardigan makes her skin glow, while frills and plaid in a single article of clothing is, surprisingly, very Vivienne Westwood.


There’s some serious colour organisation going on here! Black polka dots and a black belt tie this outfit together, and I love the paper bag waistband of the skirt.


You may recognise this outfit from every piece of Glee promotional product ever – Lea Michele is obviously a Winter, so her colouring is set off really well by rich green, mustard and khaki, none of which sound like they should work together…whatever, she’s killing it.


The trend of short-sleeved shirts and little skirts continues, but they’re interesting and, amazingly, age-appropriate! The French navy military skirt is a la mode, and Rachel even bothers to wear something printed on top to make it pop. Voila!


I adore this combination of brights, plus a bright smile. Mixing lighter and darker shades of the same colour is a really easy way to make different pieces compliment each other.


Sure, it’s simple, but this navy blue sundress does it for me. It’s very Sookie Stackhouse, a little innocent, a little sexy, and I continue to be awed by Rachel this episode.


Did I mention that Nationals are taking place in New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of? It appears that’s an excuse for these appalling neon/football socks/bling-laden monstrosities, complete with snapbacks and, I hope, a healthy dose of shame.

Do you think they know they look like Justin Bieber’s entourage?


To this day, I don’t know who Charice is, but she’s apparently famous enough to guest star on Glee, so…

Whatever the singer has actually got going on, the character smacks of eighties’ Madonna in brights, hats and shoulder pads, and of modern day hipster with huge glasses and a gazillion wristbands. She also has a face I want to smoosh, but that’s irrelevant.


Does this really need a caption?


In a softer world of pastels and hair flipping, Quinn’s non-existent baby weight/angst has gone, and she’s back in form in seraphic shades and peek-a-boo backless dresses.


Not to mention the return of the fierce white monochrome Quinn used to whip out any given Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, plus those gorgeous flowing locks.


Santana got breast implants, which we’re told disqualifies her from being head of the Cheerios (?), so Quinn hoists up her au naturelle bosom, dresses from top-to-toe in the school colour, candy apple red, and takes back her crown with Jesus on her necklace.

You know, like Kesha. Except not.