What Mindy Wore When The Internet Melted From Collective Swooning

YOU! GUYS! I think it’s safe to say that this episode won’t be remembered for the fashions as much as will be for the last thirty seconds (#MinDanny4Ever). But while I remembered the episode in a haze of swoonsies, it turns out that Mindy sported her usual collection of adorable outfits. And it turns out that the Castellano fam have more in common than down-to-earth personalities.


Things start off much like many other weeks, with Mindy watching a romantic film (in this case, Gone with the Wind) while wearing adorbs loungewear and guzzling some vino. Scarlett O’Hara inspires her to fight to get her man back, a plan she excitedly shares with Danny while still wearing said loungewear.

Bonus marks for this varsity level polka dot mix-and-match.


Danny, though, has plans to go and confront his long-absentee father and decides to kidnap Mindy as emergency moral support. You guys, I know they’re not a couple (**cough yet cough**) but these complementary leather jackets really highlight how much they’re on the same page.


Whoa, hold up. Let’s take a closer look at Mindy’s abergine leather jacket.

Like, I would have thought between True Blood and The Vampire Diaries I’d seen every possible kind of leather jacket, but leave it to Dr. Lahiri to pull out the perfect girlie-yet-tough number. The moto-inspired shoulder detail, the zippers… I. DIE.

The rest of her outfit is just as killer. This rhinestone-studded tee is way bolder than anything I’d go for, personally, but it’s downright modest considering Mindy’s usz style.

You guys, I can’t even look at these two together anymore without letting out a little squee. She’s so flashy and OTT and he’s so plaid and cute-faced. MAKE OUT! DO IT!


Ahem. So anyway, there’s a bit more plot that needs to happen before we get to the event that’s been 1.5 seasons in the making. Take a look at Danny’s relatives, Dear Old Dad and L’il Danny Castellano. Don’t tell me the wardrobe dept didn’t put them both in layered plaid on purpose.

Much as it pains Danny to admit, he fits right in with this new side of his family.


BUT SO ANYWAY, MinDanny stick around at his Dad’s house long enough to take in Little Danny’s soccer game the next day. Little D’s in fairly standard little kid jock garb, but Mindy’s effortlessly cool in this hoodie/jean jacket outfit.

Like, I need that jacket RIGHT NOW.

Closer inspec shows that she’s wearing yet another jewel-embellished tee along with a fairly epic multicolored mani:

And her lipstick game is pretty epic, too. It’s really a wonder Danny stayed oblivious to her goddess-like presence for as long as he did.


FYI — for the flight home, Danny’s working his standard old man chic with his reading spectacles and tweedy jacket:

Those glasses totally split open in the middle when he takes them off. It’s like… how does this man make these old man accessories the sexiest things on TV?


AND THEN!! One dictated love letter to Cliff and some turbulance later, Danny suddenly realizes his true feelings. Which are: MINDY IS THE ONE FOR ME. To which Mindy replies OBVIOUSLY AND ALSO YOU ARE SO HOT RIGHT NOW.


And the show doesn’t come back until APRIL??? All we can do until then is look up GIF sets of these last thirty seconds to spot the exact moment Danny grabs for her ass. Look it up: he totally does.