What Jess Wore on Her Birthday

Nick had big plans for Jess’s birthday, but he wanted to make sure she wouldn’t find out about them until the very end, so he took her to the drug store for a free diabetes test, to the park to find the biggest rock, and tried to take her to lunch at 8:30am. Nice try, Nick. The day ended up a big success, even though Jess wore just one outfit the whole time.


The morning started out with Nick’s alarm going off at 7:00am…the exact time Jess was born! Jess may have been excited about the early hour, but Nick had counted on the birthday girl sleeping in.

Aww, Jess — you’re adorable, even when you wake up at the crack of dawn, and now your boyfriend has to entertain you all damn day. PS: have we ever seen her in short-sleeve pajamas?


First on the agenda? A trip to the park to…find the biggest rock. (Nick? You’re horrible at killing time.) Jess looked beautiful in her bright pink Kate Spade dress tho. Perfect for a surprise birthday party…


Surprise! This is not your party. It’s some random kid’s and Jess might want to put that cupcake down before said kid brings a smack down. 

Even though she said she didn’t expect anything on her birthday, Jess was still hoping Nick would come out with a wonderful plan for the day. Nick might be disappointing, but at least his hair looks very neat, which is a first.


Unbeknownst to Jess, there was a plan afoot. Back at the loft, Coach, Winston, and Schmidt were baking cakes…

and handling decorations…


…while Cece was covering Nick’s shift at the bar. Unfortunately she’s the Worst Bartender Ever, so Schmidt swung by to help her save her job. It was nice to see them friendly again. Warms my heart.

Schmidt killed it as usual with a patterned tie contrasted on a black shirt, and Cece kept it simple because — let’s be honest — she CAN.



Anywho, Jess was feeling super sad because no birthday could possibly live up to her high standards, and so she went to the movies. Alone. Which is apparently what she always does on her birthdays.

She may be sad and friendless, but she’s also flawless, even with a bowl of popcorn (extra butter) in her lap. That girl sure is perfect.


But what’s this? Shining on the screen is not a movie, but rather, Nick’s homemade video! And look, here’s Nick himself! There were smiles and a video montage and balloons and possibly the cutest birthday ever, complete with a cake decorated like Jess’s face.


So after all that, Jess needed a minute, and ran out into the lobby. I get it. Face cakes make me verklempt, too. Nick came out to comfort her, and we saw them be the cute little adorable perfect kind of dysfunctional hipster couple that they are. Wow, that was a lot of adjectives.

So are you Team Nick and Jess? Because I am.