What Mindy Wore to Visit La La Land

I had no choice but to get excited about this week’s episode of The Mindy Project. I mean, the title is all of TWO letters. And, if that’s not enough, Casey is back! But, more about that in a second. On this week’s episode of Mindy and Danny: A Love Story, Mindy takes the next step in her relationship with Cliff and asks him to move in with her. Cliff says he “needs to think about it”. I’m pretty sure at least three of my friends have had this very same conversation in the last six months. Who says TV isn’t realistic? In the meantime, Mindy, Danny, Morgan, and Peter head to L.A. for a conference to learn some basic cosmetic surgery techniques. While on the left coast, Morgan stays at the Y, Danny hides from his father, and Mindy runs into an ex.  And, you know, they attend the conference. At least, I think they do…


 Here’s a nice group shot of the gang upon arrival in L.A. at the cosmetic surgery conference. 

Where to begin? There’s actually A LOT to love here: Mindy’s Chanel purse that she seems to use almost every episode (I’m definitely convinced that if I buy one Chanel bag, I’ll use it forever), Peter’s dressed-up plaid, and Danny’s RED-rimmed glasses. Way to spruce up a denim on denim outfit Dr. C!


After the conference that seemed to last for two seconds, Mindy and Peter do some shopping at “DopeFeet”. Right.

Here, we get a better picture of the outfits we’re dealing with. While I LOVE Mindy’s jacket (can’t go wrong with a badass little black moto jacket), I am a little confused by her dress. Maybe it’s the black lace pattern, but was this a convention/nightclub? If not, that outfit is just not appro. Digging Peter’s coat though.

Did I mention Casey is the owner of “Dope Feet”? Yep, that Casey.


We get another shot of Peter’s coat (lower left) as he goes to declare his love for the lovely Maria M.

 Shockingly, she’s not there and he leaves disappointed and sad. Didn’t see that one coming.


Initially, Danny spends his time in L.A. hiding out from his Dad. Luckily (so we can see this gem of an outfit) Morgan convinces him to go out and tour some Old West movie sets.

Danny appears to not have changed over the last few days, but he has found a pefect addition to his all denim, dad-jean outfit: a cowboy hat! Gotta say, it’s hard to take him seriously in that thing. He looks like he belongs in the Jurassic Park movie, not on the set.


In an effort to help Peter bounce back from his Maria M. rejection, Mindy takes him to a sneaker launch party that Casey is hosting.

Love, love, love Mindy’s outfit for an L.A. pool party. Her purple coverup manages to look more glam than you might expect for a muumuu-adjacent shape, and the chandelier earrings are a nice NY-meets-LA touch. As for the hat, well, I’m not sure how I feel about the hat seeing as it’s nighttime, but I’ll let it go.

Peter looks like a frat guy. 



So, how does it all end for our Mindy? Unfortch, not too well. Mindy calls Cliff to tell him she’ll slow things down. Luckily, Cliff wants to speed things up. Unluckily, he spotted a paparazzi pic of Mindy and Casey in the pool, and dumps Mindy. I wonder who Mindy will date next week on Mindy and Danny: A Love Story.