What Jess Wore to Watch Some Hoops

When referred to by Coach as “my buddy’s girlfriend”, Jess sets herself on a mission to become besties with him by bonding over basketsball. Unfortunately, becoming a faux Pistons fan lands her in hot water with Bulls fan/boyfriend (her bf/bf, if you will) Nick. Meanwhile, Schmidt’s dealing with old man river taking a job that he wants, and Winston’s being helpful, for a change. 


We open with Jess wearing something that I could actually pull off. Namely an adorable French Connection horse print sweater and ripped jeans. The similarity ends there, though — she wears a smear of red lipstick with this casual outfit, whereas I’d somehow manage to look like Ronald McDonald.

Don’t worry, there’s a whole lot more red to come.


Luckily, one of the colors adorning Coach’s fave basketsball team is red, so Jess can sleep easy knowing that her faux-fandom allows her stick to her pallette.

Unfortunately, this new shift in interest places Jess firmly in the doghouse with Nick, and Nick witholds sex until she sides with him. Nick is withholding sex. Let that sink in for a minute. 


Here we are, back in our traditional red cardigan paired with a black polka-dot Kate Spade dress, cinched with a red belt. 

The apple print in precious, but a little on the nose for a teacher, no?


Twinsies alret! Jess matches Coach in even more red and blue to cheer on his beloved Pistons.

And almost an upskirt shot for our leading lady! Keep those legs crossed, girl. 


But, my god, do the girls look spectacular in this J.Crew ballet top.

Srsly, Nick. How are you not all up on this? Even I’m thinking about rocking a motorboat on those bad boys. Thank you, Wonder-bra.


How many red articles of clothing do you think Jess owns? Enough to rival her vast pajama closet?

I absolutely lurrrrve this A-line number with the navy belt, though. An appropriate skirt length as well. Brava, Miss Day. Just perfect for doing a little TV cord sabotage, in hopes that you’ll have some Pistons-free bonding time with Coach.


And who wore it better?

Jess. It’s Jess. Men should not wear tank tops. Or short-shorts. Or shorts with black dress socks. Oh, Nick, you’re exhausting.


While “Operation: Be Friends with Coach” is in full swing, Schmidt’s dealing with a new (older) rival at work, and Winston is actually helping by getting inside the old dude’s head.

The guys are all sticking to their wardrobe characters, as per usual. Profesh looking Schmidt, blah looking Winston and farmer Nick, now complete with disposable camera and flip phone!


My star look from this week goes to Schmidt’s bitchy boss, Kim.

Channelling Beth from earlier this season, Kim’s rocking a couple of toally trendy (and totally scary/boss lady professional) faux leather panel sheath dresses. Just wish we could have seen them in full. 




Whicih brings us to last, but not least, Cece.

I’m afread that this may be all we see from Cece from now on if the bar gig works out. Where has our favorite glamazon gone?


Well, Jess has offically made a new friend, Schmidt’s ousted the oldie and Winston may have found a new career path. Maybe Jess with find a new color palette and Cece will rediscover her fabulous wardrobe next week? Fingers crossed!