Part 1 of 2: Faithfully Fashionable

So, here’s what you missed on Glee: it’s the end of season one, and everything’s going down at Regionals! There’s Josh Groban, Sandy Olson, and Sue becoming an unexpected New Directions fangirl; there’s professions of love (three), appearances by voice actors from Frozen (two) and live births set to the music of Queen (one). Get ready to squee!


Guess who’s back (and no, it’s not Eminem with yet another album)! It’s Emma Pillsbury, slinking onto the screen with bows up to her chin (and probably down to her knees) and knitwear in a shade of brick which should be ruinous on a redhead! How does she exist?!


Even while she’s cut up (about the glee club getting cut, keep up, chop chop) Emma looks picture perfect as she coordinates navy, yellow and white across two articles of clothing.

That’s a skill you can take to the bank.


A foil to our favourite guidance counsellor is celebrity judge Olivia Newton-John, who’s carrying on the good thing she had with statement necklaces from her last appearance. Get rid of a few pounds of eyeliner, and that suit could carry her through to The Good Wife.


And who is she judging? Vocal Adrenaline, of course! They may look like angry punk girls at prom or a particularly flamboyant production of Les Mis, but they are bringing it. Hard.


On the other side of the battlefield, New Directions looks like a cross between sixties sirens and mermaids on a dry land day trip. I mean this as a compliment.

The bow at the waist is unnecessary, but Quinn’s looking fierce and she’s smuggling a baby bump under there, so snaps for her.


Sigh. Oh Quinn. You even make shapeless maternity wear sit up and beg for my commentary.


I have missed her braid porn, however, so here’s some to whet your appetite. Even a candy pink zip up sweater can be made classy with this hairstyle hovering above it.


Quinn even does labor in style. How unfair is that? Her broderie anglaise nightgown and pale pink dressing gown should add years, but instead she looks sweet and postpartum dewy.

“Postpartum?” I hear you gasp. “But that must mean…”


Welcome to the world, Beth Fabray-Puckerman. You have your mother’s flair for pastels and your father’s lack of hair.


And seemingly minutes after the birth, Mama Q is dressing for the pooch she totally doesn’t going on in a high-waisted skirt and shirt/cardi combo with clean lines and bright colours.


And seemingly minutes after that, she’s back to dressing like an adorable cupcake. The bows on her shoes are absolutely necessary.


As is Kurt’s bowtie, which proves it is possible to make pleather look tasteful. Who knew?


Even this artfully undone bowtie works! Whatever bizarre baker boy hat Kurt’s wearing on his head doesn’t, but he’s wearing tartan trousers and probably resembles Macbeth during his school days, so he gets an aye instead of noo.


I saved the best till last: Tina, rocking a vintage birdcage veil and hot pink accents!

Who cares about true love or Regionals? This is what made the season finale for me. A+++.