This week on WHILE YOU WERE WATCHING DOWNTON ABBEY  GIRLS  THE GOLDEN GLOBES: Emily’s discharged from the hospital after revealing she got her memory back, but withholds that she remembers Daniel shooting her. And where else would she convalesce but Grayson Manor (shades of Lydia, season one). AND THEN! Nolan and Patrick make like Mona and Ezra with their mutual bluffing until finally Patrick comes out on top by TOTALLY KNOCKING NOLAN OUT and then GIVING THE INFINITY BOX TO VICTORIA! AND SHE TOTALLY READS EVERYTHING! BUT! Nolan had already removed all the Revengenda items, so now Victoria just thinks Emily’s a golddigging con artist. Emily cements her role in the Grayson fam by announcing to the press Lydia, not Daniel, shot her. Also: it turns out Nico is Takeda’s daugher and her mission is now to avenge his death. Which, you may have forgotten, was via swordfight with Aiden last year. Yeah, I forgot that too.


Emily’s Target
Although things were looking dire with Emily deciding to pack in her plans (and then Queen V TOTALLY GETTING THE INFINITY BOX!!!), our girl’s back in the game with the Graysons squarely in her sights. This family just keeps giving her more good reasons to destroy them.

Gala of the Week
Again with no parties! God, just because Emily was shot and everybody’s in crisis is no excuse not to trot out your best eveningwear. Get it together, show.

Best Dressed
Emily takes this one with a practical-yet-gorgeous loose-fitting maxi dress. Perfect attire for the girl who just took a shot to the gut yet still needs to greet the press.

Most Soapy Moment:
With lots of contenders, I’m going to give this to Queen V being the one to let Emily know she can never have children. Because only in soapland would a doctor let someone’s mother-in-law deliver medical news (hello, HIPAA?) and also because Queen V is obviously lying and/or Emily will miraculously get pregz later on. Because, soap opera.


Missed the episode due to the 5,000 other things airing in the same timeslot? Check back on Wednesday as Ann goes in depth for a fashion analysis of this week’s OMFG installment.