What Mindy Wore to Get Physical

Happy New Year from Shulman & Associates…let’s hit the gym! This week Mindy flips out when Cliff invites her to go skiing, which means hot tubbing, which means she’ll have to wear a bikini in January. Is Cliff a total psycho or what? Mindy flips out, hires Morgan Danny as her personal trainer. They make decent progress when he motivates her by imagining herself as a rom-com heroine who must do push-ups in order to save Leo and Fassy. But then she wanders into the co-ed sauna naked, and she and Danny see each other naked and she breaks a leg when she slips. It’s the single best sauna-related incident in a sitcom since Chandler sat on Monica’s dad’s lap by accident. Meanwhile, Peter took over as managing partner of Shulman and slowly turns from fratboy to the title bestowed temporarily upon him by Handsome British Doctor.


We begin this episode with Mindy in a natty hot nerd ensemble.

Love the half-windsor knot (a slim knot works well for the ladies), and it’s set off nicely against the light blouse. The print is actually reminiscent of a wallet I’ve been coveting lately from Burberry. Her only glitch is the rhinestones. Min, why so many rhinestones? It does foreshadow a lot of the episode, in which we see Dr. L mainly in gym wear. We’ve seen Dr. L’s problem with gym clothes before, and it wasn’t pretty.




First up, Morgan tries to get her to work out in this grey J.Crew sweater.

J.Crew says these are chandeliers, but I maintain that if you squint, those silver drops look less like rhinestones and more like venomous titanium spiders about to attack her. Any one of these could have run away from a Bond villain’s secret-compartment cane.


It doesn’t get better at the gym, as she shows off these far-too-fussy sneakers:

You ain’t gonna get far in those Mindy. And let’s not get started on the Alice + Olivia polka dot sweater. It’s perfect for a yoga glass with the girls, but Danny is disgusted — this is not serious stuff to sweat in. Purple really is her color, but she’s gonna schvitz right through this number and ruin the fabric.


Eventually she wised up, but only after Danny made this face at her:

Danny looks free and unencumbered (in rage) in his gym wear. Probably because he’s not worrying about how cute his outfit is.


So Mindy listened up, and stuck to the basics from there on out. Look! She’s in a breathable shirt that won’t make her nipples chafe (all you runners and triathletes just collectively winced), and her tights won’t get in the way. Still, the offending footwear was there. Oh well, old habits/cute shoes die hard.

And this look on her face could kill a man at 50 paces…unless that man happens to be Danny.


Eventually she ends up with a broken leg after an unfortunate slip-and-fall in the steam room, which ended in her staring straight up at Michelangelo’s David Danny, but at least we have this super-cute buckle-patterned top.

Not a fan of the skirt though. It’s like it’s slowly creeping up to take over the rest of her body.


Meanwhile, this week’s subplot focused on Peter filling in for a fake-sick Hot British Doctor. I knew it would be a disaster when Peter came back from Christmas break wearing this:

Bridget Jones, call your mother. Someone’s stolen her latest hand-woven jumper and it wasn’t Mark Darcy. (Side bar: how soon before Mindy references Bridget Jones’s Diary, which is my fave rom-com and I argue makes a GREAT Christmas movie?)


It gets no better as he shows up in all sorts of disheveled, like a hipster who sold out and is transitioning to his first corporate job:


But look! HBD is here to save the day and has this week’s best outfit: this stunning three-piece suit!

Everything works: no weird gap between the shirt and the suit collar, a natty lapel that’s just the right width between modern and classic, plus a tie that’s bolder than the shirt but doesn’t overwhelm the pattern (and in case you’re wondering about my attention to detail, it’s because I read this article the other day).


So HBD saves the office from Peter’s inability to run it, and Mindy loses a few pounds. Now what I’d really love to see is if Mindy could wear casts that are as sparkly and vivacious as Mariah’s bedazzled slings from last summer. Please make this happen.