What Jess Wore

New Year, New Girl, new job? Jess finds herself at a crossroads with her career when a tempting job offer at a children’s museum lands in her navy-skirted lap. Geez, some girls have all the luck, don’t they? With only 21 minutes to decide if her teaching dream is legit — that’s right, 21 minutes to ponder a major life decision — Jess does what every adult does in a high stress situation: haul it to the bar and listen to your friends’ well-meaning (but sort of useless) advice, shared via a series of flashbacks.

As someone who shivered through this episode during our charming polar vortex, I didn’t as much notice this dress so much as I noticed that she could wear a dress. Seriously, ALL of the luck. What I wouldn’t give to wear a fun, sleveless  dress instead of three sweaters (yes, all at one time). And if I had to pick one, this classic Kate Spade frock would for sure be a frontrunner. 

When she put down the tray of dead frogs (life is tough when you’re sharing your classroom with Biology 101), she revealed a matching belt, used to cinch in her teeny waist…instead of to hold up two pairs of pants. Ugh, I’m so moving.


But lest we forget, Jess throws on her trusty jean jacket to remind us that it can get a mite nippy along the shores of southern California. And if denim doesn’t do the trick, whisky always helps. Side note: is anyone else loving that red, quilted mini-purse?


Flashback time. Long sleeves. Skinny jeans. Hot cup of tea. Did a cold front roll in? 


I know Jess looks good in red, but this is a bit overkill. Although I will say that this ModCloth Poppy Star dress is absolutely darling, especially with the pearls, and the red and white print sort of save her from looking too fire hydrant-y. 

But the red and white wingtip flats, the red cardigan, and the red belt? This outfit is like a walking valentine, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even February in this particular flashback.





The red cardigan makes its triumphant return in a much better ensemble, when Jess pairs it with a dark purple dress, complete with a purple bow belt. The red/purple combo is usually too reminiscent of the Red Hat Society for my taste, but I’m a sucker for a bow belt.


Continuing with Flashback Friday, the guys decide that the best way to help Jess make her decision is to supply her with alcohol and tell her weird stories about their own career adventures. I guess that’s what friends are for? Anyway, here are my favorites for each of them, except Coach. Because tracksuits/any suits with matching tops and bottoms are boring. Unless it’s sparkly. Then it’s ugly. 

Oh, Schmidt. I don’t think even Lance wore this on a non-Tour de France day. But at least he left the spandex bike shorts at home. #countyourblessings


Nick Miller, Esq. Who’da thunk? Schmidt is absolutely right — he is positively dapper in that scarf. Where is that scarf? And that hair! Talk about channeling your inner Mad Men. 


Oh, dear. Well, you can bet that it wasn’t his tracksuit that caught my eye. Winston? The world is big enough for just one Dennis Rodman.


And in a surprising little ending, it wasn’t Jess who sashayed her way to a new profession. Introducing Cece: the glass-smashing bartender we all know and will all love. Because let’s face it, even sans mixology skillz, she’s going to end up on one of those “10 Hottest Bartenders in LA” lists. 

I mean, not many people can pull off this flowy tank top tucked into a flowy skirt situation, but of course our resident model can, and with flying (gorgeous) colors. I’m obsessed those shades of blue and green (or cerulean and seafoam if you’re that person) — it completely supports my wintertime denial. Also, that story about Cece being Jess’s first student? Ugh, yeah. Right in the feels.

As Schmidt said “it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination.” So here’s to hoping that your new year is the same as Jess’s: a bar full of friends, opportunities, and whisky. Cheers!