This week on THE RED WEDDING, MONTAUK STYLE: The comeback show of the year heads into winter hiatus with one of the biggest twists EVER. Before we get to the newlywed showdown, we get a number of semi-awesome moments like the surprise return of Patrick and his abs, Cupcake’s descent into suicidal drunkenness, Lydia’s surprise villainous reunion with Queen V, and Patricks’ incomprehensible rejection of Nolan’s smoothest moves. Anyway, Cupcake’s depression, combined with some poorly-timed eavesdropping, sends Daniel into a tailspin culminating in him bringing his number of attempted-murdered-girlfriends/wives up to two! That’s right, Emily’s plan she’s been working on all season went totally awry and she wound up getting shot and left in the ocean FOR REALSIES. And suddenly Daniel Grayson is like the most important person on the show (?)


Emily’s Target
The Grayson fam was never far from her mind, though turns out she was paying too attention on Conrad and Queen V when she should have had one eye on her husband-to-be…

Gala of the Week
I’d say Emily threw a wedding that put Game of Thrones to shame, but let’s be real: the body count here was only one (Emily herself) so it wasn’t quite on that scale. However, it was a lovely and tasteful affair up until she got TOTALLY SHOT AND LEFT FOR DEAD IN THE OCEAN.

Best Dressed
For sheer audacity, I’ll tip my hat this week to Margaux’s New Wave ‘do and b&w shift dress.

Most Soapy Moment:
Sara’s melodramatic suicide attempt ranks high and I guess is the technical winner, but the most soapy moment was def in the promo for the next episode with that classic staple: TOTES AMNESIA.


Check back on Wednesday as Lauren shares the deets on all of the glam wedding/murder fashionz!