This week on GUESS WHO’S NOT COMING TO DINNER, Emily and Aiden proceed full steam ahead with Operation Frame Victora, but then, oh noes! She dramatically tells Emily she won’t be attending the wedding! What now? Don’t worry, I’m sure this is a mere pebble in Emily’s path to revenge (!!!), easily solved in the first few minutes of next week’s episode with an impassioned plea from Daniel for mumsy to attend. In other news, Mean Charlotte has turned back to Good Charlotte (heh) and decided to drop the whole scheme to get Danny and Cupcake back together, Margaux has like five minutes of dull screen time, Aiden sets up a pre-revenging sake ceremony for Emily, and Lydia does all kinds of nasty stuff.


Emily’s Target
No one got Red Sharpied, but Emily and Aiden were busy setting the stage for Em’s faux-murder by coating gunpowder on one of Victoria’s bracelets, as well as procuring false identification for their post-Revenge (!!!) lives. Always thinking ahead, those two.

Gala of the Week
Not so much as a ladies’ luncheon this week. We’re disappointed in you, Show.

Best Dressed
Lydia was sex-on-a-stick in a red strapless number accented by a fancy spike collar-type necklace. Really, Conrad? You don’t think this woman is trouble? SPIKE. COLLAR.

Most Soapy Moment:
Lydia throwing Vicki’s clothing off the Grayson Plotting Balcony Cupola? Lydia secretly recording Conrad’s airplane murder plot confession? Lydia unearthing a new copy of the photo that proves Emily was a lowly cater-waiter back in the early 00s? Lydia, in general?



Check back on Wednesday for Anthony’s word on the all the pre-wedding plans!