Has it already been a year since the inaugural Mindy Christmas episode, “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party”? Time flies! Mindy’s still looking for her rom-com ending, and this year she’s set her sights on Cliff. In other news, HBD Jeremy is back from the fat farm looking like his yummy old self, Peter’s trying to staying off the sauce, and Danny made a gingerbread Monticello and a choreographed dance to the late, great Aaliyah’s “Try Again”. As someone who tired (and failed) to learn that dance all summer in the year 2000, Danny has fulfilled one of my major life goals, and I think Mindy should marry him just for that.


We start off with Mindy doing the Charlie Brown thing and buying the smallest tree in the lot. Although, may I say she looked better than C-B did in his Christmas episode:

Yes kids, it’s another one of her smart winter pea coats. We have here a lovely checked purple number that pairs well with the plaid-topped Hunter boots and coordinating bag. That tree, however, has to go.


No sooner does she take care of business than she gets down to the real job at hand: planning a building-wide Christmas party, that she SWEARS isn’t an elaborate plot to get her closer to Cliff. Mindy doesn’t wear her Christmas-themed earrings like she did last year, so she made up for it with this:

This smart number comes with handy pockets that don’t distract from the rest of the look, plus they’re great for keeping a lipstick or an emergency cookie at hand. The blingy silver choker is a nice contrast against the conservative dark wine top underneath. She could wear this dress at a smart evening cocktail party in the spring without the blouse and make it work. Props to Mindy for being cross-seasonal!



And it pairs so well with her houndstooth peacoat:

He might not say it, but awful midwife/former part-time lover Duncan says it with his eyes: girl, you rock out your coats. Okay maybe he’s distracted by his hot date (more on her later), but at some point, he thought it.


Danny quickly figures out Mindy’s real reason for throwing the party, and Mindy unveils her multi-step plan for catching a man at a Christmas party. I believe this is Step #2: Wear a Saucy Number While Singing a Saucy Rendition of “Santa Baby”:

Again: red, sleeveless, and delectable. It’s not as ready for business as the previous red dress, but that doesn’t mean it’s not ready for the Flight of the Conchord’s definition of “Business Time”.


Sadly, her outfit for the acutal holiday party is demure. Sparkly like a Christmas tree, but …

… something’s missing. Not even the rhinestones make it sizzle. It’s a great fit and cut, but it’s something she should wear to her mother’s birthday, not a smokin’ number ready to set Cliff on fire. But in the end it doesn’t matter, Danny did a dance number that made me feel all the feelings, and she got her rom-com ending with Cliff. I know what you’re thinking: he went for her even with the wine bra hiding in that dress? One thousand points for Cliff, he’s a keeper.


This week there is much additional prettiness abound. Let’s start with HBD:

He’s back, and looking like a million bucks and mixing patterns like a champ. Neither print is too overpowering, so the effect is subtle, and brings out the colours. Then he sets them off against that tailored olive herringbone suit. Well done. I’d feed him cake to celebrate, but he’s got issues with eating now. Really Jeremy? Eating Danny’s painstankingly crafted gingerbread Monticello? For shame.


In this week’s guest star rotation: the delightful Maria Menounos!!

She didn’t go crazy, a la fake Erin (who was mentioned in name only. Missed you, Ellie!), but…

.. but she did “Santa Baby” convincingly and looks good in everything. No wonder Peter found the strength to stay sober and go after his fantasy.


What do I want next? A New Year’s Eve episode! No, not an homage to that awful movie starring our girl Rachel Berry, but actual NYE festivities worthy of When Harry Met Sally. It’s what our rom-com Mindy deserves.