Ahh, holiday party season. Time to pull out a longer-than-usual hem, more glitz and glam than usz, and maybe spice things up with a statement headband. No show brings this sort of holiday fabulosity better than everybody’s guilty pleasure, Reign.


Luckily, we live in the 21st century so we don’t have to worry about wearing corsets with these looks (real talk: neither do the cast of the show, do they?). We’re also lucky enough to live in an era when girls can wear skirt legnths other than the maxi. Pick out your fav Reign lady (just like picking your fav Spice Girl!) to emulate, and prepare to turn your school or office holiday party into a Scottish hoedown!


Queen Mary = HBIC hard and soft looks

Mary’s a Queen, so her looks are always flaw-free and tailored to within an inch of their lives. While she occasionally wears a colour, her basic palette tends to be black and white.

White lace:

While nothing is sweeter than white lace, Mary adds a Queenly touch with strong metallic accessories. While the floral headband steals the show on her look on the left, note the double-strand necklace toughening up her girlie look. The body necklace on the look on the right is like a playful — yet ferosh — take on armour.


White peasant tops:

Though Mary’s never been a peasant, she seems to have a special place in her heart for these simple, flowy tops. But again, she Queens things up with the use of metallics, like the belt and body necklace on the left, or the crown-like headband on the right.


Queen of the Night:

When the shizz hits the fan (or the number of assassination attempts reaches the double-digits), Mary reaches for her go-to black arsenal. Rather than going full-on Black Widow, she makes sure to leave some skin exposed — be it bare shoulders, arms, or a sheer insert. But note she’s still sticking to the metallic theme with the belt and jewels on the left look, her statement headband and bracelets in the center, and gold embellishments on the left.




Lady Kenna = Renaissance flower child

Out of all the looks on this show, Kenna’s the one whose looks could effortlessly transition from court treachery to a Christmas dance. Girlfriend never veers from her Coachella glamour, and why should she? Flowy sleeves and boho head pieces suit her dreamy personality.

Sheer fabrics and flowy sleeves:

If you follow this trend, take a hint from Kenna and make sure the waist is cinched and you’ve got some skin exposed (like in the backless number above). You want to throw down Florence & the Machine fashions, not make everyone think you’re wearing a bathrobe.




Werk them headbands:

Kenna relies not on animal prints, but other earthy patterns like the feather and fur on her left look, or the beaded belt and pendant on the right. She also keeps her hair in simple, loose curls to let her variety of quirky headpieces steal the show. Hey, it helped her steal the King’s heart, so it could work for you at your office party!


Lady Lola = T-Swift of the French Court

Other than the whole “my boyfriend tried to rape you but he didn’t mean it OH NOES now he’s dead” plotline in the Pilot, we haven’t gotten that many chances to ogle Lola’s outfits. From what we’ve seen, she’s bringing Kate Middleton-style posh style to the French court and I kinda love it.

First class all the way:

Lola seems to prefer luxurious, romantic fabrics like velvet and silk. Her dresses aren’t as avant-garde as Mary’s or as trendy as Kenna’s, but she still holds her own. Her spiral curls mean she doesn’t need to rely on ostentatious jewels or headbands, which is how you can tell she came from money. She’s got nothing to prove, so her jewels are tasteful, yet elegant.




Lady Greer = accessory queen

Unlike Lola, who doesn’t have to work to make her high class apparent, Greer’s from new money so she’s constantly trying to prove her worth. This manifests in some Carrie Bradshaw-level accessory bananapants. That said, we can get some style ideas from this poor little rich girl.

Classic dresses, statement accessories:

Both of these green dresses (green : Greer :: B&W : Mary) are super-basic, but Greer steps them up with the use of some industrial-strength accessorizing. The brooch on the left may be a bit much for your office holiday party, but something slightly smaller could step up a basic shift dress. Likewise, the belt on the right is kinda overkill with that taffeta prom dress, but could look cute with a simple sweaterdress.





Lady Aylee = slouchy realness

We still don’t know much about Aylee, as evidenced that I called her BraidFace for the first several episodes. Other than her 24/7 devotion to braid maintenance, the only other things we know about her are that she’s a) a secret klepto and b) the youngest of the ladies-in-waiting. Her youth may be the reason why her outfits, though still gorge, tend to be more demure than the others.

Pretty in pink: 

Aylee tends to wear pale colours, but never whiter-than-white like Mary. These looks are both baby pink, but she’s no flower girl or Disney Princess. The look on the left uses lace detail to make it look more grown-up, while the sheer panel and metallic belt on the look on the right provide a much-needed does of attitude.




But seriously, with these statement braids, girlfriend doesn’t need to purchase a headband like, ever. All she needs is her own hair (and some bobby pins):

 While the harlequin dress on the left was worn to a masquerade ball, a similar pattern on a smaller scale would kill at a holiday party. The slouchy look on the right, with extra-long sleeves and layers, could also lead to a one-of-a-kind party outfit if you layer longer sleeves under a tank dress.


If you do use Reign for your holiday dress inspo, make sure to get your lady-in-waiting to try on the dress first… you never know if someone’s poisoned it, or whatever.