What Mindy Wore to Watch an Ex Get Married

Mindy wore a giant-flower sequined dress to watch an ex get married, but more about that in a minute. For now, a recap. On this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy and Peter attend the wedding of Mindy’s (previously) rehab-bound, sports lawyer ex, who you may remember from season one. While Wedding Crushing, Mindy and Peter (or Mr. and Ms. Wedding, as they call themselves) discover they have fun together. So shocking! Didn’t see that plot twist coming! At the doctor’s office, Danny’s tennis pro brother visits from Florida, and Danny throws a party. Annnnddd that’s pretty much it. 


Apparently, Danny has a brother who he raised, and he is adorable. Note said adorable brother below. 

Both Danny and his brother sport a classic (borderline boring?) preppy look. However, Danny’s brother spices things up a bit with a polkadot button-down and by tossing around phrases like “great braid.” Here, he’s also wearing a very well-tailored, olive-colored pea coat. I instantly liked Danny’s brother because he readily admitted to wearing only linen when in Florida. #Yes


Mindy is in a bind because she must attend her ex’s wedding, and Danny is too busy to go with her because his brother is visting. So, she takes a look around to see who else she can bring.

But first, I wonder if the people in the wardrobe department for The Mindy Project said to themselves this week: “You know what would be really great? Lots of giant, sequined flowers.” I’m not a fan of the sequined roses on Mindy’s sweater vest, but I do like the printed Rachel Roy top and silver skater skirt. The sparkly hoops are an item I wouldn’t be able to pull off, but Mindy (and Beyonce) rock them.  


Back to the search for a date. While scanning the office, Mindy quickly spots/vetos Dr. Reed.

Remember the days when Mindy and Dr. Reed were an item? I’m still trying to figure out why the writers decided to take Dr. Reed’s story line in the “weight gain” direction, but I’m happy to see he still knows how to dress. A nice wool v-neck over a checkered button down and tie is the perfect “day to apartment-party” outfit. Now, if only he didn’t look like he had heartburn. 


After a quick peek in the office, Mindy agrees to take Peter to her ex’s wedding, where we’re immediately hit with this:

Josh is happy? And marrying a beautiful bride? Well, you know what they say — if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 


And, it is too good to be true as Mr. and Ms. Pacman Wedding quickly learn.

I have to admit, Peter cleans up niiiceee. Something about the suit and kempt hair brings out his eyes. Plus, I heart his polkadot tie. Mindy’s earrings are amazing and make me miss my J. Crew Venus Trap earrings that I left at a friend’s apartment. But, enough stalling, let’s talk dresses.   


After Peter quickly ruins Mindy’s ex’s wedding by hooking up with the bride (who is apparently a sex addict), Mindy shows us why we love her by taking full responsibility for the nupituals gone awry. Publicly. In a sequin dress covered in giant flowers. 

I mean… I honestly don’t know if I love or hate this dress. It’s of the French Connection variety. It also looks a little crazy. I may get some flack for this, but I think I kind of love it. Kind of really love it. As my students would say, IMO, this dress is “lit”. Translation: this dress is pretty freaking awesome. 




And so, Mindy and Peter end the wedding in what I can only imagine to be a standard Wedding Crushing way: being pelted with cupcakes by famous athletes.



In the end, the gang gathers at Danny’s apartment to listen to the Miami Vice soundtrack and do some limbo. In a city like New York, a solid group of friends can get you through anything, even an ex’s wedding. And, if that’s not enough, a slice of pizza and a cute coat don’t hurt.