What Mindy Wore To Stop A Race Riot

So in between modeling her usual array of outerwear, Mindy and the crew got into hot water after getting a stamp of approval from a white supremacist mommy blogger. Mindy’s disapproval of Tamra’s Federline-style BF motivates T to join the picket line and before you know it, the midwives have corraled most of the borough into an anti-Schulman and Associates protest. And somewhere in there, we got a few choice GIF-able moments for all the Danny/Mindy shippers (“Have you really been with every race of girl?” “Pretty much… except one.”)


Having already established that creating and starring in your own show is a great way to make out with all the cute boys, this week Mindy reminds us that it’s also a great way to model all the best coats.

Get it, girl.

While this pink tweed-ish coat (which is a new one? I think?) seems to indicate this is your usual Mindy ensemble of coat, knee-length dress layered over patterned blouse and tights, OH HELL NO. Dr. L, show us them legs!

Yeah, I know, she’s a doctor but it’s not like she’s actually delivering babies at the moment so WERK IT, MIN.

Under this sexay number is a red bodycon McQueen dress with zip detailing. And Mindy being Mindy, obvz there are also perfectly coordinated earrings.

When she gets all tone-on-tone like this, I’m reminded in a good way of Kate Middleton. But you know it’s Mindy, not Kate because of a) bare legs b) front zip detail and c) Bacon Boston Cream Donut. In other news: is that a real thing? If so, I need to get to NYC, stat.


Did somebody say knee-length Kate Spade dress, printed blouse, and tights? Hey, gurl. 

This print-on-print look may as well be patented to Dr. Mindy Lahiri as it’s now her standard issue. Girlfriend knows the main rule of mixing patterns: as long as the palette is consistent, mix and match to your heart’s delight. In this case, with a literal Kate Spade heart pattern blouse. And obviously matching yellow earrings. What are you, new?


Dr. Peter knows what I’m talking about, judging from his plaid and argyle pattern combo. This prepster action is like a more interesting take on Nate Archibald:

Not that “more interesting than Nate Archibald” is particularly challenging to accomplish.


So at first glance, it seems like Mindy is (incomprehensibly, considering the size of her wardrobe) re-wearing the heart print blouse from earlier but OH NO. If you compare the pattern on the collar to the previous pic, you can note the slight difference. That’s right: girlfriend’s got a whole supply of twee heart-printed blousesin a variety of gauges. 

The coat is again serving up some Kate Middleton’s Canadian Tour realness. But the chain cross-body bag and statement necklace tip this over into a Mindy standard OB/GYN-TASTIC style statement. Her look is always thiiiis close to Betty Suarez, without going over the edge.




I’m guessing Special Guest Star Jenna Elfman agreed to be on this show as an excuse to try on some killer winter coats. Peep that Ashley Marin profesh lady glamour in this FLAW FREE tweed embellished trench.

Also, Jeremy’s there. Is he still on this show?


And real talk: I couldn’t recap this episode without mentioning the accessory that launched a thousand GIF sets and man crushes: Danny’s reading glasses.

Not sure if it’s the folding nose bridge or the back-of-head-strap, but Danny has never been more of a GILF. This show is not allowed to be cancelled before these two hook up. My little heart couldn’t bear it.