What Jess Wore to Save Schmidt from Himself

Mrreowww…! This week on New Girl, both Cece and Coach get back into the game we call dating when Coach (after following bro-code protocol) asks Cece out. Schmidt is freaked out by Cece dating and demands Jess hit him with a car before he does something stupid (like…asking your friend to hit you with her car?) Meanwhile, Winston is getting a little too close with his cat, and Nick agrees to cat-sit while Winston goes out to meet Real People. Unfortunately (or not?) he ends up with a Hamster Lady.


Jess both starts and ends the episode in nautical stripes. Soon after this moment, a whirlwind of events go by as Nick agrees to cat-sit, Winston agrees to go out, Coach and Cece make a date, and Schmidt pops up with some fresh peach cobbler. 

The thick-rimmed glasses, stripes, and perfect yet casz hair create the ideal “hipster just chillin’ at home working on some artwork” ensemble.



Jess isn’t chillin’ for long. Soon, Winston returns home (your night will often be cut short when you spend your time barside speaking about/showing strangers pictures of your cat) to discover said cat has gone missing. Oh no! Fortunately, Ferg is soon recovered nearby, and Nick and Winston head out to pick up the furry bundle.

Turns out, Ferguson’s savior is a paisley-pants wearing, hamster-owning redhead that Winston finds himself drawn to. Maybe it’s because she’s holding Ferg? I have to admit, despite the crazy Winston has been displaying as of late, I’m really liking his outfit; the dark pants nice compliment his lighter-colored button down while the leather jacket adds a funky edge. Not helping: the cat carrier as accessory.


In a Lakers arena across town, Coach aims for “cool” but instead freezes Cece out by ignoring her. And by purchasing more over-priced apparel and concessions (you know those tubs of popcorn are probably $20 each) than anyone would ever need. 

Cece and Coach look pretty cute together, no? It doesn’t hurt that Cece looks adorbs in a purple hoodie and yellow headband. Coach’s letter-man inspired jacket is also a slam dunk. (Hee-hee…pun!) 


On the homefront, Jess is left with the task of babysitting Schmidt so he doesn’t try to ruin Cece and Coach’s first date. Below is an example of the “entertainment” Jess provides which includes (but is not limited to) some amateur tap dancing and an interesting Neil Diamond rendition.  

I know some of the other YKYLF staffers really love when Jess pairs a black mini with black tights, but I’m happy I get this opportunity to share that the look is really not for me. I think it’s something about the way her sweaters always seem to sit over her short skirts — it reminds me of a pairing you would see in the Crewcuts catalog.


Despite the epic failure Cece and Coach’s date should have been, it ends on a positive note, i.e. a 30 minute kiss. Nom.

I’m glad we get to see more of Cece’s outfit, as the episode has been a bit bare fashion-wise. Unsure what happened to the purple Lakers hoodie, but loving the cardigan (?) jacket (?) she paired with a plum-colored silk top. It’s really hard to find a black topper that doesn’t take away from your outfit, but this one actually adds something extra. #jacketsnaps.


 Schmidt and Jess end their night with a little something I like to call the yell and hit.

That’s right, while running to ruin Cece and Jess’s date, Schmidt yells at Jess until she actually hits him with the car. 


In the end, all is resolved. Jess wears this adorable red Juicy coat (perhaps there’s a coat closet next to her pajama closet?) while she and Schmidt are informed by the police that they are “into some weird stuff”. Yep, that sounds about right.

So, what did we learn? Showering with your cat is never a good idea, first dates can be a little nerve-racking, and it is never a good idea to yell at a friend to hit you with their car. ‘Cause they may just do it.