This week on PLOT-TWIST-A-PALOOZA: Any remaining doubt that season 3 is pulling out all the stops vanished somewhere between the FAKE PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND and the return of the oh-so-fab Lydia. But let’s backtrack. So Daniel’s fully into his romper-clad ex, much to Queen V’s delight, leaving Emily in Code-Red-relationship-saving-mode. Connie gets to excited about Danny’s piece on the side that he takes a break from writing his sure-to-be-classic memoirs to introduce his son to the Secret Grayson Family Mistress Apartment (!!!). Oh, and did I mention the Secret Grayson Lady Phone Number To The Mistress Apartment to check up on their mens? Anyway, somewhere in there, Queen V engineers the kind of bridal shower that Maleficent would give to Sleeping Beauty, presenting Emily’s fake secret gay first husband out in the open. Turns out he’s not her real secret first husband, but just from her graduating class at Takeda Revenge Skool Class of 2010. AND THEN this show goes from A+ to A+++ with the reveal that the oh-so-fab Margaux is secretly working with the totally not dead LYDIA to bring down Conrad. (!!!)

Emily’s Target
Emily’s still fully focused on Grayson Family Destruction, so  much so that she plays the fake pregz card to ensure Daniel marries her – so she can destroy him at the ceremony. 

Gala of the Week
After this showing, I kinda want to see what diabolical games Queen V would envision for a baby shower. 

Best Dressed
Emily was bringing the 1920s Chicago glamour in a faux-bob, flawless red lip, gold shoes (!!!) and off-the-shoulder white number to the Bridal Shower From Hell.

Most Soapy Moment:
LYDIA BACK FROM THE DEAD!!! Because on any good soap, nobody’s dead until you see the body. And even then, it’s still not for sure. Welcome back, glamazon.



Check back on Wednesday for my full recap of this week’s fashion and OFF THE WALLS CRAZY BANANACAKES amazingness.