What Jess Wore 

Okay, it’s official, Nick is my favorite roommate. Not only does he order Chinese dumplings with wild abandon, but he’ll totally sharsies. And as we all know, sharing is caring. #themoreyouknow. But as delicious as some General Tso’s can be, it’s prob not the best breakfast ever (unless you’re in the throes of an epic hangover) so Coach takes it upon himself to convert Dumpling Nick into Doer Nick. In the meantime, Schmidt’s starting to feel left out, so he spies on the loft instead of, oh you know, just hanging out with everyone. Winston is apparently an undiagnosed hypochondriac or just unbelievably clumsy, and picking up the crazy train caboose is Jess and her mission to show students a real non-flying-bagel infested ocean…which somehow translates into a crusade against Hop Foo and its army of take-out menus. Obviously.


If there’s anything we’ve learned from all those clubs in HS and college, nothing gets a point across better than a free novelty t-shirt. Slim-fit and v-neck, Jess’s Ocean Conservation Day 2013 wearable billboard is…all right, let’s face it, it’s a t-shirt so there’s not much to say on that front. Except maybe that it would make a delightfully comfy PJ or yoga top. 

Good thing she found a purple figure skater’s skirt to jazz things up a smidge because school-schmool, there’s never a bad time to get your flounce on. And to ward off any chills as she campaigned against menu-pa-looza and an appalling disregard for the “Ghostbusters thing,” Jess threw on this lovely warm and woolly J.Crew Majesty peacoat.

Jess eventually proves to Nick that giving something your best shot can actually work out, and finally gets her students to the beach. This time, she pairs her “OCD Rules!” top with some cuffed jeans, indigo sneaks, that timeless navy jacket, and an electric blue purse. I suppose when it’s too chilly to wear your teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini, going twinsies with the ocean is good enough.


Also playing for the Blue Team is Cece in this easy, breezy cinched waist dress. The deep blue is a great color on her and despite how simple it is, Cece just looks effortlessly feminine and chic. 

A bit of accessorizing never hurt anyone and Cece keeps her flawless look from falling flat with a bangle here, a ring there, and classic black quilted purse to polish it off. If life were fair we’d all look that good when picking up our take-out orders. No wonder Coach tried to woo her with his power squats. 



Schmidt’s having a rough time adjusting to life across the hall, and feels a little left out when Coach moves into his old room. His solution? Staying in touch by planting an ill-disguised camera in the living room. That’s not creepy/weird/stupid at all. But while he can’t act like an adult, at least he can dress the part…   

 …I guess. Have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? Schmidt looks on trend and put together in his usual agenda of button downs and cuffed straight leg jeans, but man alive, switch it up every once in a while! There’s got to be a henley or a pullover or a polo lurking somewhere in that cavernous new apartment of his.

Unfortunately, the rest of the boys didn’t bring it so much as they ate it. Nick and his dumplings. Coach and his lo mein. Winston and the beach.

Their collective wardrobe was on the lackluster side, but I will give the “Most Puzzling” award to Nick and his choice of workout wear: jeans. I’m still scratching my head over that one.

In the end, Jess got her field trip, Hop Foo stuck around to continue providing the loft with delicious, delicious dumplings, and Schmidt was still one of the guys despite the long distance relationship. Huh. Any bets on how long that’ll last?