This week’s episode hinged on two things: 1) Mindy is single with no mans, and is thus dateless on date night, and 2) Cyrano de Bergerac is one of the best plot twists you can put on comedy. Mindy loses her purse (including cell phone, wallet, keys), and hangs out with Danny until the hospital Lost & Found opens. Meanwhile, Peter and Morgan find said purse in the surgeon’s lounge and rather than return it to Mindy, they run interference with her phone, sexting adorable lawyer Cliff. Cliff eventually goes to her house for business time, but doctor and nurse throw a fake party (how did they DO that?!?) to try and throw him off the scent. Mindy, meanwhile, poses as Danny’s fake fiancée so he can shake his crazy neighbor, giving us a preview of what the two of them might look like if they got together. For me they’re less Diane and Sam, and more like Liz and Jack, or Mary and Lou.


Poor Mindy is overworked, and it shows in her wardrobe. If girlfriend were a drag queen (or at the very least a gay man), I’d slap some sense into her. But she does important, life-saving work, while the likes of me write snarky recaps, so let’s get to it.

We begin with an awkward exchange in the elevator. It’s Shlubby Mindy* vs Cute Lawyer and Miss Universe Runner-up.

*Not that shlubby, as evidenced by her color-coordinating scrubs, vest, and undershirt.

But Mindy can’t compare to the beautiful couple to her left. Notice the lapels on Cliff’s overcoat: a high collar is perfect for keeping out the elements without an unwieldy scarf, and I’m going to assume from the way it fits like a dream, it’s made-to-measure by a tailor he’s got on speeddial. His flavor du jour, Miss Universe Runner-Up (Penelope Cruz’s heretofore unknown sister?) rocks out a slinky berry-pink evening dress with a moto jacket. But isn’t it about 8 a.m. when this was taken? Why do they look like they stepped out of a Lamborghini and into a hot restaurant.? Why is her outfit saying “yes sir, I can boogie” (click to spot the visual pun that ties back to this episode’s literary connection).


Cliff’s fashion deteriorates over the episode. He does look great in this sensible yet slim-fitting sweater that shows off an undoubtedly sexy “V”. (Yes, I am making assumptions again).


His sartorial downward spiral continues when he shows up at Mindy’s place for the fake party that Peter and Morgan throw, in hopes of intercepting what Cliff thinks is a forward pass. He fumbles with this outfit:

Am I being too harsh? I suppose when one is ready to hook up, clothes aren’t an issue, right? Maybe he was hoping Mindy would find the look so dull she’ll rip his clothes off as soon as she could.

Strangely, Peter ends up wearing what appears to be Cliff’s clothes. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen our resident bro so nattily attired as he is here in a cobalt sweater and coordinating shirt.


But hey, at least Cliff ended up hooking up with Heather (formerly known as “not Erin from The Office but oh hi Ellie Kemper!”)

Heather knows what works best for her: a nice teal shade to set off amber waves and a distinctly Irish vibe. Way to work it girl.


Poor Mindy. Here’s date night with Danny. She’s in one of her brilliant coats, and Danny’s matched her well with his short autumn pea coat.


Mmm, herringbone. Must acquire for self. 




They eventually amble over to his apartment, where they face off against Danny’s allegedly psycho neighbor, who turns out is just lovelorn because he’s been playing her.

I’m not crazy about Crazy Neighbor’s kaleidoscope peasant blouse, but she does have her own tailored coat to rival Mindy’s, and she’s wearing it just to do errands. Even while taking bedding to the storage locker, she knows she’ll be spotted and dresses just right for the occasion. Does she wear a ballgown when she takes out the garbage? We don’t find out as she’s soon tormenting them:

And since Mindy’s locked out of her apartment (no purse, remember?), she shacking up with Danny and wearing one of his old sweatshirts. But on the plus side, now when I stay in on date night wearing sweaters from my alma mater, I don’t feel so bad because hey, doctors do it too.


All is not lost, because when she’s had time to breathe, Mindy’s on. Observe: 

The devil is in the details. Those are totally fake stones on her Carla Collar top, but basic stark colors call for fun embellishments. Dr. L, can you please write yourself a prescription to have something this adorable to wear in your locker in case of faux-mergencies such as date night?

Despite the lack of sartorial sense and sensibility this week, we are treated to a preview of next week, when Mindy gets her phone back, reads the text history, and also hears a voice mail from Heather thanking her for the great party, where NotEllie hooked up with Cliff. Will there be another Mindy vs. Heather bitch fight, like last year’s epic Christmas throwdown? Thanksgiving’s coming…maybe they’ll re-enact the classic food fight from Cheers? To be continued …