This week on Cake Boss, Montauk Style: Nolan gets his chance to shine when the slimy publicist who maliciously outed him years ago pops up in the Hamps to help rebrand the Graysons. She’s hoping to use Emily and Daniel’s engagement as a kind of Wills & Kate style hoopla, but Emily’s well-placed lies help Nolan spring his trap. In other news, Daniel continues to be relevant to the plotline as his cake-making ex/DUI victim and her voluminous locks find their way back into his heart. So the episode ends with sparks flying everywhere, not just from the 4th of July fireworks, as Daniel & Cake Girl, Emily and Aidan and Jack and Margaux all get hot and heavy. In pairs, obviously. This isn’t HBO, you guys. 


Emily Nolan’s Target
Nolan takes the reins this week with Emily as his wingman in a thoughtful, yet devious takedown of Hilda from Ugly Betty/Marisol from Devious Maids.

Gala of the Week
The Grayson’s Fourth of July party is the perfect backdrop for Nolan’s latest scheme. His mentor, Emily, couldn’t be more proud of her collar-popped protege.

Best Dressed
Girl, who could we give this to other than Nolan’s patriotic ensemble of red skinny pants, white tennis polo with popped collar, and deadly pinstripe blazer. 

Gratuitous Male Shirtlessness:
We don’t usually tally this for this show, but Aiden and Jack forced our hand. Well played, abdonimals.



We gave our resident nautical fashion expert L-A the enviable task of recapping this week’s fashion and dramz. Check back Wednesday for her take on this week’s explosive episode.