Time for your weekly dose of “did that really just happen on Reign or have I been dipping too much into the spiked cider?” As we’ve said before, we <3 this show HARDCORE and half most all of that enjoyment comes from the WTF-based fashion and plot moments. Here’s this week’s rundown:


WTF #5: Nostradamus, in general

A network named with C and W
will cast aside history in favor of eye candy and ad revenue;
and a famous seer, he of greying beard and aged 54 years
will be turned tall, dark, handsome, and 29.

Ooh, ooh I know what this prophecy is about! It tells of Michel de Nostredame, who spent his days making eyes at Evil Anne of Green Gables, offering vague prognostications to whoever was in the vicinity, and living at French court 24/7 OH WAIT NO HE DIDN’T.

Bonus WTF snaps for Queen C’s Renaissance tie-dye button-down dress complete with sequined lapels. Did she get that at the 16th century version of Contempo Casuals?


WTF #4: This dress

I just… what is… OK. So she’s covered up the cleave (nicely done) and the dress even goes up to her chin (good!) AND has full-length sleeves AND her shoulders are covered (for the first time ever). But then like… the body chain and the embellished stars on the skirt? Mary is werking some 1970s swingers party realness in this crocheted number with iron-on Nativity Play stars for accent. Key party in the Queen’s suite!




WTF #3: The Michaelmas costume banquet

It’s costume time, which means the outfits are 10x more Renaissancey than usz. Aylee (bonus WTF: that name ain’t right) brings harlequin glamour to the proceedings with a look that’s thisclose to quasi-accurate. Photo hunt time! Guess what her dress is missing! 





WTF #2: Mary still doesn’t know how to use her ladies-in-waiting

“Sooooo I have to go to Portugal but like, you don’t have to come with me, I mean, not if you don’t want to, I mean…” ::Lauren Conrad-inspired spinning of hair around finger:: “What? OMG you guys will come with me anyway because you like me? BFFs 4-ever! YAY!”


WTF #1: Clarissa, under the bed, with the burlap sack.

OK, this is some Pretty Little Liars shit right here. Does Clarissa also wear a hoodie and drink brandy while wearing black leather gloves? Is she secretly making creepy crafts to send to Mary’s enemies? YOU GUYS, WHAT IF CLARISSA IS REDCOAT?

What’s been your favorite Reign WTF? Lets hear it from our fellow pedantic types!