What Mindy Wore to Date a Sk8ter 

This week, Mindy attempts to date a sk8ter (aka a man who collects comic books, most likely lives with his parents, and is either a secret billionaire or unemployed) in order to prove that she’s not overly picky when it comes to men. Is it just me or is this show beginning to feel a whole lot like a g-rated version of SATC? Anyone remember the episode where Carrie dates the man who sleeps on a cot in his comic book shop? Fun fact: Mindy’s Sk8ter Man was a love interest of Carrie’s back in the day (check out SATC season 1 “Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys”). But seriously, if Mindy ever starts dating the same man for ten years, we’ve got a crossover on our hands.


Ah, morning in the city! Mindy is heading to work, minding her own business, and talking to her bear claw when…

She’s knocked over by a Graham, the skater man. As this is Mindy life and not real life, it turns into a meet-cute and she gets asked out. Maybe the scrubs (or “pajamas” as Graham calls them) are a guy magnet. Mindy isn’t interested, brushes him off, and shuffles off to work with her pajamas and smashed bear claw.


Mindy recovers from the accident enough to attend a dinner party that evening, along with Dr. C. All is well until Mindy realizes she’s seated at the “couples” table. Cue squabbling between Doctors L and C.

Despite the fact that Mindy is unhappy, I’m enjoying this sleeveless, tweedy Nanette Lepore dress. Girlfriend’s make-up is also spot-on, and can we talk about her hair? Which shampoo does she use that caused her bob to grown out in about a month?


So, Mindy was banished to the couples table because she’s proven herself to be too damn picky with men, and was thus unworthy of the selection at the singles table. I’m just trying to understand what kind of dinner party separates their friends into couples and singles. Weddings, ok. But dinner parties? Anywho, to prove that she is NOT PICKY, Mindy seeks Graham out, and agrees to go on a date with him.


The date seems to be “meh” bordering on pretty darn awful, but it’s saved by a death-defying cell phone rescue and a passionate train kiss. And, check.out.Mindy’s.outfit.

Where to begin? She’s paired this lush camel-colored leather jacket with a gold and silver sequined skirt. Perfect combo of glam and first-date casual. As for Graham…do I have to talk about Graham? I mean, he’s in his own world, all prepared for any flash-flooding at the Spring Street subway station. Mindy, you and your jacket and sequins are not worthy of him.




After Danny and Mindy fight it out at the office about who’s pickier (when are these two crazy kids just gonna get together?), they decide to have a competition double date. For all two of you who read my New Girl recap a few weeks back, we know that double dates on FOX TV shows do not end well. 

And this one is no exception. Although, it does involve a) Graham getting snazzy (ponytail, anyone?), b) Graham telling an enthralling story about a pregnant mermaid he spoke to in Indonesia, and c) Mindy killing this Helmut Lang LBD with a leather twist.


On the less sexy side of the table, we have Danny with his date, who calls her mother every hour and a half. Admittedly, I call my mother often, but I would not be caught dead on a date in her ensemble.

No, I save my silk patterned tops and prim cardigan sweaters for work, thank you very much.


And so, with Graham’s influence, our couple-to-be ends their night with a lil’ dining and dashing. 

Ah, the dine and dash. If only it were something I felt comfortable doing. Then, maybe I, like Mindy, could afford to own the leather LBD. Pesky morals, always getting in the way of a better wardrobe…


And so, I wondered — in a city like New York, how many more people will Carrie Mindy date this season? Will her hair continue to grow to Crystal Gayle-like proportions? And more importantly, can I turn these two observations into one pun-based summation?